Niv’s Bling Rated as a Top Jeweler’s for Men’s Gold Hip-Hop Chains in San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco, CA, USA – Niv’s Bling has landed a spot as top jeweler for men’s gold hip-hop chains in the Bay Area. Although Niv’s Bling began humbly with a couple of friends selling jewelry out of a college dorm, they have grown exponentially to become well-known across the world for their gold-plated chains,in addition to their extensive collection of all other kinds of hip hop jewelry.

Their newest accolade comes as no surprise as the owners are incredibly passionate about their work and are confident in the quality of each piece they create. Their chains are well-made yet remarkably affordable. Niv’s sells 18K gold rope chains starting at just $19.99. These chains can be worn individually, but they also can be complemented with additional pendants and accessories, as can be seen at

Their selection of gold chains for men is unbeatable, with thirteen different styles every hip hop fanatic is sure to find something to perfectly compliment their look. These hip hop gold chains are made from durable 316L stainless steel, and are meant to last a lifetime. The chains are then plated with 18K that will not fade, flake, or chip regardless of how often they are worn.

These gold-plated chains allow hip hop enthusiasts to have the style they love without having to pay the price of solid gold chains, resulting in unmatched popularity. A large price tag is no longer inexplicably linked to a stellar look, and now any hip hop enthusiast can emulate their favorite artists without breaking the bank.

Niv’s Bling doesn’t only offer gold chains for men. They also offer a variety of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for women as well as men. Niv’s is a one-stop shop for anything and everything to complete the quintessential hip hop look. With their extreme, strong growth thus far it only makes sense that Niv’s Bling will continue to grow to be more profitable and popular in the future.

Niv’s Bling’s selection, quality, and professionalism make them a leader in hip hop gold chains as well as the jewelry industry as a whole. Their top rating in the San Francisco Bay Area is a direct result of their quality work and dedication to hip hop culture. Gold chains for men are a staple of the hip hop community. Niv’s Bling understands that and makes unparalleled gold-plated chains that the hip hop community can wear proudly for any occasion.

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