Linking the Communication Barrier like a pro, the long awaited translator. It came in a time of competition between smartphone translation applications and other dedicated translation devices. Nowadays travelling has been made easier because of low budget flight tickets, tripadvisor for travel spot review etc. However the traveler still faces the challenge of barrier in communication in the course of travelling which bitters the fun in travelling, with the price and availability of travel tickets being low, communication should be stepped up so that when the traveler gets to his destination, he is not stranded or frustrated due to the fact that he can not ask or make enquiries on how to locate a gas station, café or hotel. Thus the need for a travel companion that acts as an interpreter the only thing here is that it is not a human being but with this device, travelers who are supposed to be strangers in a foreign land now feel like parts and parcel of the visited community.

Recently, i discovered something new, a small device that can translate your language to another as seen in sci-fi movies. This device is still fresh in the market. This device Mesay is pocket friendly as it qualifies to be the world’s smallest auto translator. Through its built-in artificial intelligence technology, users can freely communicate with the local people, nearly all over the globe. It optimizes 3G or WIFI to connect online and there are 17 foreign languages translation. The recognition and accuracy rate is up to 95% and this is achieved within 2 seconds. The juicy part to this device is that you need not worry when there is no WIFI connection. Mesay’s core technology offers, offline speech accessibility for Chinese to English translation, this can be achieved whenever and wherever the speech needs to be translated.

Having a quick glance through its spec sheet, we’ll discover how awesome this device is, and it is as follows;

Dimension; length101mm x width34mm x depth12mm

Net weight; 47grams

Connectivity; Internet wifi (2.4GHz/5GHz a/b/g/n/ac)
3G (WCDMA) 900MHz/2100MHz
2G (GSM) 900MHz/1800)MHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

AUDIO  Built-in speaker
Dual noise reduction built-in microphone

SCREEN 1.22” IPS HD LCD touch display
240 x 240 resolution

BATTERY Capacity 600mAh
Voltage 3.8V
Recharge Time 2 hours
Duration 72hours (Standby)
6 hours (Running time)

Gravity Sensor

LANGUAGE SUPPORT Offline Chinese – English
Online Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Catalan.

3.5mm headset interface

TF (microSD) 32GB max

IN THE BOX 1 Mesay, 1 power adapter, 1 USB 2.0 cable, 1 warranty card, 1 user guide

COLOURS Pearl Silver, Diamond Blue, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold.
So now let’s see how it compares with some auto translation devices


From the above table, The mesay is just so user friendly and pocket friendly, its ergonomic design is of the hook, with the screen, it makes the device more accessible and trendy, because so many devices used on a daily have adopted the use of LCD and LED to further improve user experience. Its compatibility with whatsapp is also very appreciated.

With the displayed retail price, it is a good device with a superb economic value, its economic value is higher due the fact that it offers more services than its rivals at a very affordable price.

The Power supply of the Mesay is so promising, with a 600mAh battery it is sure to be awake with you as you travel from USA to China or even London to China and still assist you in communicating with everyone you come across and with a recharge time of 2hours you are so sure of blending as soon as possible when the battery is charged.

And because it is dedicated to translations mostly, the battery lasts longer than 3rd party mobile phone apps can last reason being that the conventional smartphone’s battery gets to power so many apps at the same time and most times when they are offline, they leave you the traveler stranded. But the Mesay battery just does its work competently
In Conclusion.

Having gone through all this, you will agree with me that this is a must have device, the price is nothing to be compared with the stress we feel each time we have to ask locals our whereabouts and the more annoying thing is that after all this stride, we still end up not succeeding in passing the information we need answers for. With this game changer, our worries of not visiting a totally new destination has been cut down, we can now go anywhere knowing that all we need is our travel bags and Mesay.

For linguistic students, it also offers a new way of learning the language one has majored in.The Mesay is a revelation. Seven and his crew did justice by delivering and there’s no doubt that Mesay has it when it comes to Translation speed and audio. The Mesay is a newcomer but it doesn’t look or act like one – it doesn’t overdo it, it’s not out of its depth. the Mesay is methodical, confident and fast while delivering unparalleled services to its users and not only users but the world at large.

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