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Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Romance – Contemporary book “Agent Colt Classified Pride” by A L Wright, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Agent Colt Classified Pride: Colt Information Agency, Book 1 is a romantic suspense novel written by AL Wright. While she was sorry to lose Colonel Shelley King as her handler, Agent Tess Colt couldn’t help but be a bit intrigued and excited by her new posting as a CIA agent in Venice, Italy. She’d be posing as a wealthy energy heiress, complete with sporty car, chauffeur, luxurious suite in a plush hotel, and an unlimited bank account. Her partner, Agent Isaiah Turelli, would be coming along with her, but his role would be somewhat different this time around. Colt’s relationship with her flirty and sometimes superficial seeming partner had been getting increasingly strained of late. He saw her as cold and rigid, and she felt bad about that. But she had a secret to protect and feared that coming out on her job would affect the kind of work she’d be assigned and her future as a CIA agent. So, she maintained rigid control over herself until a petite young woman, who was assigned the seat next to her on the plane to Venice, broke through her icy resolve and began a campaign to steal Tess’s heart.

AL Wright’s contemporary romance novel, Agent Colt Classified Pride: Colt Information Agency, Book 1, introduces Tess Colt, a dedicated CIA agent whose professional and personal lives are at odds, or are they? Tess’s concerns seem well justified even now, despite the increased attitude of acceptance towards lesbians, gays, and transgenders in today’s culture. Will her handlers feel she can go undercover as a femme fatale for an assignment? Tess knows she can, and she’s gone far in her field, but coming out seems a scary and irreversible process. I enjoyed reading Agent Colt Classified Pride and loved how the author incorporated an espionage plot into her romantic novel. Vaneesa, Tess, Isaiah, and even the taciturn Colonel Lyon, form the consummate professional team and watching them at work was a pleasure. Vaneesa and Tess’s growing attraction is beautifully handled and the tension between them serves to both complement and intensify the suspense of the plot. Agent Colt Classified Pride: Colt Information Agency, Book 1 is most highly recommended.”

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