Aten Concepts Making Great Strides in Carbon Footprint Reduction

Waltham, Massachusetts Solar Company Reports Record Growth

Aten Concepts, Inc. is setting the pace for carbon footprint reduction.  The Waltham, Massachusetts solar company is soaring in growth which is thought to be the public’s reaction to the fact that while saving the Earth, they are able to save money for their customers as well.  The company serves communities all over the state of Massachusetts.

Aten Concepts has been reported as being one of the fastest growing solar providers in the New England area. It strives to make the experience of doing business with Aten Concepts a great one as it eliminates hassles and treat its customers with the utmost integrity.

Not only does Aten Concepts service Massachusetts, they have offices that provide services for residents of Connecticut and Rhode Island as well.  The solar company couples with some of the best, top-quality solar manufacturers and financial institutions in the nation in order to achieve the second-to-none service they pride themselves in. 

While the company does indeed provide solar, it is not the only service they offer.  Complete energy solutions are available through the company such as roofing and energy storage.  An initial consultation begins the process.  Financing, design, permits and installation are included as well for all residential, commercial and land owners.  The concept of being a one-stop shop is proving to be a well-received one according to the recent rise in sales.

Aten Concepts is not just about being green and reducing carbon footprint, it also focuses on the aspect that solar power is a great financial investment.  Solar energy saves money and has the potential to make individuals money as well through investing.  The company provides investment opportunities and is happy to give information about it upon request.

“We can’t wait to see where the future takes us,” commented Neil Shah, a Business Analyst at Aten Concepts.  “The sky is the limit, for sure.”

Aten Concepts plans to expand to service the entire United States in the next few years.

To find out more about acquiring solar service in Massachusetts and other parts of New England or to get a free quote, please visit the Aten Concepts website.

About Aten Concepts

Aten Concepts is an international solar company specializing in commercial and residential solar. The team is young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced with combined expertise in law, sales, marketing, accounting and engineering allowing it to operate independently and at the highest efficiency.

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