David Belisle of Paramount Wealth Strategies Reveals the Simple 2-Step Process That Can Eliminate Income Tax, Explode Your Retirement Savings and Guarantee You’ll Never Run Out of Money

Paramount Wealth Strategies founder David Belisle
Paramount Wealth Strategies is a wealth strategy and “cash-flow management” firm under the guidance and management of David Belisle. The company is announcing its expansion into three additional Northeast locations.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(Middleton, MA) Wealth management and financial planning are hot topics today with the Baby Boomer generation well into retirement and finding it more difficult than anticipated to continue living the lifestyle they planned on without the fear of the market taking a nosedive or running out of money. Paramount Wealth Strategies’ unique process offers people the type of help and guidance needed to cruise safely into and through the retirement years without the worry of “having enough.” The company’s success has not only landed founder, David Belisle in Larry King’s new book due out in Spring of 2018, but has also enabled him to expand his firm into three new locations in the Northeast. Belisle attributes his success to being able to create a two-step strategy that doesn’t hinder his clients’ current lifestyle spending all while providing them the ability to save, grow, and protect the money they need for retirement.

“Our service incorporates a simple two-step process,” says Belisle. “The first part of our process identifies where our clients are currently losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily. Once we identify those inefficient dollars, we can then use that found money to 1) accelerate the accumulation and growth of their retirement assets and 2) increase their present monthly spendable income and, 3) put tools in place that guarantee they will never outlive their retirement assets.”

Obviously finding money people didn’t realize they had to use towards retirement is a far more popular option than asking clients to go on a never-ending financial diet. According to Belisle, the common misconception among most people is that they believe the only avenue to creating and growing wealth is one that is based on “diversified” market risk, speculation and historical rates of return. Most people own financial products based on average rates of return when in retirement, that math doesn’t work. He believes that this creates a “financial trap door” that is close to impossible to recuperate from. This is a sad reflection on how the banks, the government and the financial institutions of this country have programmed us to believe that their way is the only way to grow wealth and use our money. It’s a game where the rules are created by those who stand the most to gain.

“We’re taught that the only path to wealth and security is through sacrificing 40 hours of our precious time each week and putting that hard-earned money into stocks and other risky investments (401k’s and IRA’s) which are controlled by someone who is just as smart as you. I tell people that using leverage, they can achieve a 0% (or close to) tax bracket going into retirement, obtain long term care coverage for a zero-net cost, and protect their assets all while living the lifestyle they dreamed of without the fear of running out of money.” says Belisle. “I show people how to have an income that will continue working for them for as long as they live and beyond.”

He coins the term “Trapped Asset” regarding the houses we own. Houses and real estate are the least understood asset for doubling or even tripling our retirement assets and spendable income in retirement. He also adds that homes are powerful tools for safely creating significant wealth. “Where most advisors ask people to save more now to hopefully have more later, we first find and fix the hidden holes where money is leaking from their financial buckets, use it to boost wealth accumulation, and as a bonus provide more spendable income each and every month. Therefore, never (negatively) affecting or reducing our clients’ current lifestyle.”

Paramount Wealth Strategies states that in 2016 alone their per-household average savings was over $38,536 per year.  That “found” money was then reallocated to wealth accumulation strategies to benefit their clients, something that not only help cruise them into the type of retirement they’ve always desired but did so in a way that was comfortable and predictable.

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