August 28, 2017 Konsyg is an outsourcing sales as a service company that works with technology companies to assist them in developing sustainable revenue for their businesses. They have key arrangements all through Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America to offer for their clients with prepared field and in-house sales groups. They are using this medium to invite US based technology companies to use their service to help expand their business to Asia or serve as an outsources sales extension of their business.

It is difficult for companies to maintain their revenue due to deficiently building entangled and costly in-house deal capacities. As sales pipelines are the bloodstream of every organization, Konsyg is here to help technology organizations that are seeking to apply more vitality to their businesses and want to experience a rapid growth in their sales objectives.

Konsyg has a global sales team that is assigned to carry out the sales functions of their clients within any region. They are responsible for developing the sales procedure while giving frameworks to scale-able revenue strategies.

The company’s COO in Thailand, Joe Flaten said, “Konsyg’s purpose is to relieve the stress of sales for tech firms so that businesses can focus on their products and services. Konsyg sits as a sales force that serves as a full functioning dedicated sales service provider for its clients”. In another statement by the company’s founder, William Gilchrist, confirmed that Konsyg directly manages the sales team of their client’s overseas presence. “We act as a “shadow sales team and will be on the on-Demand sales presence for any technology and I’ll be able to develop and execute sales needs at scales”.

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