Introducing the intelligent movement-data app “Lefft”

WALTROP, GERMANY – 28 Aug, 2017 –

The app, which stores data securely, will be released on 25 August 2017 in the Play Store.

The “Lefft” productivity and lifestyle app saves users time they would normally spend each day ensuring exact documentation. Convenience is central to the app: The user’s movement-data are recorded automatically to generate a variety of useful reports. Lefft is launching soon. But for the time being, the app is only available to Android users. 

What makes Lefft special? Lefft not only lets users see their complete movement history, it also tracks “visited places” using a special algorithm. It’s a kind of route planner – but it works in reverse. The best thing is that the data remain only on the user’s smart phone. Nothing is sent to servers or companies over the internet – there is no access to the data. Lefft is also developed to be very battery-efficient. Proposed is the usage of the intelligent mode, which combines battery efficiency and accuracy of tracking results. 

The app can be used in a variety of areas. The tracking app doesn’t just track – it increases productivity. Why? Because the data can be used intelligently in three ways. 

  1. The “Which places have I visited?” report shows users the places they visited throughout the day. This is especially useful for recording times or working hours. Users receive an automatically generated travel report – which is personally configured and available on the display with a touch.
  2. The “When have I been here?” report lists the days and times when the user was in a certain area or at a special address. This feature can be used if, for example, you are researching when you were at a certain customer last – or how often you were at the gym or the store around the corner.
  3. The “Where have I been?” report provides a mapped representation of the routes covered during the selected time. It can be used, for example, to keep track of how many kilometers the user traveled in the last week or to show friends the route he or she traveled during his or her last vacation

“Lefft” was developed by a duo with the goal of launching a productivity app that makes users’ lives easier – while ensuring privacy. Lefft is monetized through a freemium subscription model. The focus in the near future will be on improving and adapting the app. The developers are looking forward to feedback so they can continue to develop the app in collaboration with users. 

Who is behind Lefft? It’s a classic combination you always see in news about start-ups: a computer scientist and a MBA. They began working together to develop productivity apps that solve problems. Michael (28), the business guy, also works full-time “on the side” in the automotive supply industry. Karl (37), the computer guy, has been developing applications for many years for German companies and others.

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