The 1st-from-China fully functional NFC Sensor Chip Platform

NFC Semicon™ sets a new standard for NFC Sensor Chip Solutions

Innovative NFC Transponder Chip Technology Developed in China and The Netherlands

HONG KONG – 28 Aug, 2017 – NFC Semicon™ announce its 3rd generation NFC System-On-Chip Platform that comes with more interfaces and use possibilities than any other existing NFC transponder Chip.

Single chip solution with integrated controller and real time clock that can connect to any type of Sensor or other Circuits, fully functioning without battery or battery-assisted for automatic data logging and time stamping.

This new NFC Chip allows for Sensors and other Circuits to become part of the Internet of Things (IoT), communicating wireless through NFC (Near Field Communication).

Also existing 3rd party devices can be retrofitted to become part of the IoT.

The Chip is offered in a customized form to large companies. It could be used for virtually any purpose, for example to connect to Wearables, Medical Devices, Medication, Blood bags, Perishables in shops and in the Cold Supply Chain, Airline Luggage (to detect certain dangerous traces), Smart Packaging, Gaming Devices, Electronic Shelf Labels, etc.

NFC Semicon is a new trade name of TopTroniQ Asia Limited that started its operations in 1996.

The Founder and Managing Director of the company, a native Dutch veteran in the RFID Industry, Mr. Marc Bense stated: “our latest NFC Sensor Chip Platform is special compared to all other NFC chips on the market in its ability to simultaneously connect and measure up to four (resistive) sensor-circuits with very high accuracy, passive, even without battery: e.g. temperature measurement accuracy can be ± 0.1ºC. But also any other type of sensing is possible: Humidity, Pressure, Chemicals, Medication Adherence, Package Tampering, etc.

Automatic Data Logging is also possible with its internal Real Time Clock and its optional battery connection. Data Storage can be selected for capacity and type (EEPROM or FRAM).

Also the chip provides another 8 x I/O ports that can be configured either as I2C or SPI interface. The chip is NFC type-V (ISO-15693), and that allows for much larger read distances on larger output power ISO-15693 Readers than most other NFC Chips (ISO-14443) can support”.

The chip platform is immediately available for large quantity custom projects. Based on the custom project requirements, before masking the chip is optimized for the selected sensor and/or other circuits and its internal controller firmware functions. Also the 64-bit Unique Identity Number (UID) can then be adapted to contain the unique own “Manufacturer Number” of the customer. This protects the customers against competition and it serves them to have better control over their own customer use data.
“In the very large quantities that we designed this chip for, we can offer any “Turn Key” Custom Solution at a very competitive price: much less than what the other NFC semiconductor companies offer solutions for that do not even come close to our Chip Specifications and Use Possibilities”.

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