Tiny Staffordshire Lighting Business Shining Online

Staffordshire, UK – When someone takes on their own interior design project without the help of a professional, it can be challenging but extremely rewarding when the vision all comes together. Designing is probably one of the easier tasks, especially for those who have a strong vision of how they want their space to look. Finding the materials and furniture to complete the space is where things get a tad tricky. Dandelion Interiors is a modest, Staffordshire-based company with a big reach that specializes in helping anyone who’s struggling to design their own space with their online one-stop shop.

Dandelion Interiors is an online lighting and furniture retailer, offering luxury furniture and lighting at fair prices. Dandelion Interiors get its name from starting out as a small store, a seedling, and flourishing into an interior designer’s dream store. It’s a family-run business that seeks to provide their customers with exquisite pieces for their journey.

The company helps clients make their home the home of their dreams. The company states that they value people first, honesty, excellence, and handwork. Dandelion Interiors wants their customers to know that they deal in fair trade and pricing, as well as providing advice for those who are struggling with designing their space.

When it comes to designing to decorating one’s personal space, people struggle to balance a cohesive look with statement pieces that clearly mark the space as theirs. Dandelion Interiors suggests that some tips to consider when looking for a statement piece are to complement colors. Those designing a room might want to pull out a color wheel to see what colors complement each so that any statement pieces they buy won’t clash too much with the rest of the room. But it’s good to be wary of matching all the colors in the room either. If there are three items containing the same color, move onto another color. Most of all, designers need to remember to step back and consider the bigger picture so they don’t get lost in the details.

Looking for the perfect pieces of furniture, light fixture, and accessories can have interior designers jumping from store to store. Dandelion Interiors eliminates the need to go town to town hunting down the perfect furniture to make the dream house a reality.

For more information about how they started and to browse their products, visit their website.

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Company Name: Dandelion Interiors
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Email: sales@dandelioninteriors.co.uk
Phone: 02081336244
City: Staffordshire
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