Prosperity Textile Partners with UseDem to support denim upcycling

29 Aug, 2017 – Prosperity Textile (H.K) Limited, today announced that it has partnered with UseDem to support its denim recycling project.

UseDem is a project about upcycling old jeans into new wearable product, founded by Xenia Sidorenka, a Russian designer who has been active within the denim industry for many years. Having witnessed the decline and decay of many a nice pair of jeans, she decided to not only start recycling these castaways, but to take things one step further and re-style them in a creatively and responsibly fashionable manner.

For its bag project,Prosperity Textile will provide UseDem with leftover stock fabrics, out-of-season jeans samples and denim hangers, for free. The Company is also going to showcase UseDem bags at Intertextile Shanghai, 11-13 Oct 2017, and both parties agree to co-host seminars and workshops in coming future to further promote the sustainable development in denim industry.

Mr. Xiang Gu, General Manager of Prosperity Textile said, “We really like the ideas of Xenia and the whole UseDem project, this cooperation is part of our continued effort to build a green environment. By doing this together, we hope more companies and consumers can join us to make denim more sustainable.”

Xenia Sidorenka, Founder of UseDem project:“On behalf of myself and the rest of our UseDem team I would like to express our huge gratitude to Prosperity Textile, its initiative and willingness to support the UseDemproject is what keeps our dream alive. True change can only become reality with co-operation, and having an alliance with a company such as Prosperity Textile makes me believe hopeful change can happen now. You call it waste, UseDem call it raw materials. With our knowledge and experience we can work towards the sustainable future that denim deserves.”

About Prosperity Textile

Founded in 1995, Prosperity Textile is an industry-leading denim fabric manufacturer with 80 million yards capacity, providing R&D, design and manufacturing services to global garment clients.With more than 20 offices and over 1200 employees around the world, Prosperity Textile provides global production capabilities back by in-time local customer service.

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About UseDem

UseDem is a project about upcycling old jeans into new wearable product, founded by Xenia Sidorenko.

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