Rhett Spencer Announces Fundraising Campaign On Indiegogo For nCAP Drug Free Pain Solution Project

Rhett Spencer announces launch of campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for nCAP, the drug-free solution for relief from pain.

Rhett Spencer has announced launch of an Indiegogo campaign for project nCAP Pain Relief – A Drug Free Pain Solution. nCAP offers opioid-free pain relief technology to those suffering from chronic pain. The drug-free solution comes in the form of a lightweight patch infused with the patented ‘Neuro Capacitive’ technology.

“We are glad to announce the availability of a brand new, pain free technology that guarantees relief from pain for chronic sufferers,” says Rhett Spencer.  “Unlike the conventional pain relief solutions that can cause severe and long term damage to your critical systems, nCAP Pain Relief enhanced the energy of the body and natural frequencies to provide effective relief from pain. It is a revolutionary, non-invasive, patented Nano-technology that’s highly effective in treatment of chronic pain.”

What makes nCAP unique is that it is free from drugs. It is designed to enhance the ability of the brain to communicate with and heal injuries and pain. It is definitely a better option than using prescription drugs and invasive procedures, over the counter plasters and patches and herbal and natural pain relieving solutions. These solutions all work in the same way. They dumb down the nervous system to slow down the pain signals and stop them from reaching the brain.

According to Rhett Spencer, nCAP Pain Relief Patch works differently. It works by allowing the brain to receive the pain signals clearly. It then assists the natural healing processes in delivering the solution needed. This bi-directional process allows the brain to focus sharply on the healing process. The pain level is lowered and a feeling of well-being is re-established with nCAP Pain Relief Patch.

The nCAP Pain Relief Patch can be used to treat back pain, neck pain, headache caused by tension, migraine, sinus or trigeminal reasons. It can also be used to treat shoulder pain, arthritis, gout, menstrual pain, knee pain, foot pain, nerve pain, and other similar conditions.

The best thing about nCAP Pain Relief Patches is that they are durable and can last for long if handled carefully. They can hold up well to sweat which means even those indulging in high-intensity physical activity such as sports can use these patches for relief from pain.

The nCAP patches can be worn anywhere on the body and by patients across all age groups. The patches do not need direct skin contact to provide pain relief. It can provide relief from pain even when placed above bandages and other protective garments. They start providing relief within just minutes of use.

The Indiegogo fundraiser program started by Rhett Spencer has a flexible financial goal of $25,000.

About nCAP Pain Relief Patches:

The nCAP Pain Relief Patches offers a revolutionary way of getting relief from pain of various types. It is worn like a patch on the affected part of the body. The opioid free pain relief technology has been designed to deliver relief to chronic pain sufferers. The patch can be used by patients across all age groups.

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