Entrepreneur and Consultant Suresh Reveals Why Businesses Go Off-Track and Lose their Vision

Entrepreneur and business booster, Suresh, was recently interviewed by the Blogprocess.com, where he reveals, for the first, what he truly envisions and what keeps him going. Apart from revealing the core truth of what plagues many businesses, Suresh also sheds light on strategies and how to keep going.

A lot of businesses get bogged down and lose their mojo as they grow and expand. It is anyone’s guess as to why that happens, but budding entrepreneur, Suresh has a new take on this. As someone who loves to investigate failures and wrongs that can happen in business, his insight is an eye opener.

“I’m the guy who likes to find out why and how. I love to explore stuffs that are wrong in business, work with their employees to find out more and help their business. All business owners start up their business with dreams and hope, but as time passes they forget their consistency. This is because the company is run by employees, and the owners/the boss forget how he/she wanted to run the business. The quality of service changes and the owners don’t really know what’s gone wrong,” says Suresh.

Another disruptive thought from Suresh about the universal tendency to dress up and appear professional all the time. He gives the example of Gordon Ramsay as his role model, and says he cusses a lot.

On the personal front, Suresh has had a tough journey. But he did not give up, and learnt that there is always a day when one gets to shine. His consulting business is thus on its track, given his practical, hands on board technique of doing field work and interacting with employees before forming opinions and sharing advice.

“The whole strategy is to get down there and really look at how it works and why is things the way they are,” says Suresh.

For start-ups, Suresh believes guidance is a must to make them see out of the box. While they may have quality and consistency, they must look out of their comfort zone and adapt to changes.

Believing that nothing is impossible, and feeling excited about California & Luna, Suresh now wants to go forward and host his own television show in the coming future. 

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