Legal transcription services for HR just got a boost from transcription provider Alphabet Secretarial

When it comes to transcription services, companies have been relying on Alphabet Secretarial for years. But one of the services provided by Alphabet Secretarial for the corporate world, especially for HR departments, is its legal transcription service which is second to none.

UNITED KINGDOM – 29 Aug, 2017 – Human Resource departments have a lot of responsibilities to employees as well as to the government when it comes to various requirements and other necessities. An HR team deals with many different tasks every day, and one of these tasks is the investigation of disciplinary,  behavioural, or even criminal issues amongst employees and other staff. This kind of task is already a challenge in itself, but what makes it doubly difficult is the fact that HR professionals have to listen to different sides of the same story and are then faced with making a decision regarding the final outcome or result.

Obviously, such investigations are confidential, and are very sensitive as well. They need to be accurately recorded as well as documented, and this can only be done in the right way by a professional transcription service. This is where Alphabet Secretarial’s expertise comes invaluable indeed.

For HR departments which have to deal with the transcription of court-ready documents, Alphabet Secretarial offers just the solution with its legal transcription service. As Alphabet Secretarial explains in more detail, “Our experience working with legal professionals and government officials has given us a solid appreciation for what is required at court. We treat police and criminal evidence material with absolute confidentiality at all times. Working closely with our clients allows us to deliver transcripts that are ready to be presented to a judge, barrister or solicitor, assisting them in the legal process.”

What this means is that Alphabet Secretarial is more than able to present transcripts that are according to the standards that are legally accepted. With the use of specific and special templates, Alphabet Secretarial gives clients added peace of mind knowing that their documentation need no longer be refined or edited to fit the accepted legal format if necessary – they are ready for legal purposes, which saves HR departments and corporate entities a lot of time and effort as well as expense and headaches.

Aside from court-ready transcriptions, Alphabet Secretarial provides covert legal transcription services, verbatim legal transcription, and more. All transcriptions are fully encrypted as Alphabet Secretarial only sends finished transcriptions on its secure portal with 256-bit encryption.

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Alphabet Secretarial is an established provider of transcription services to many businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom. To learn more about its legal, corporate, academic, and medical transcription services, visit the website.

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