Hot Noize Entertainment Announces their Next Big Push with Rapper and Hip-Hop Artist, Kimani Carter

Atlanta, GA – HOT NOIZE ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE is proud to announce their next great artist to the world, Kimani Carter. A master of lyrical mastery and hip-hop, Kimani Carter will be releasing his new album, “Dear God, Help… Sincerely, Kimani Carter”.

The face and voice to watch out in the days and years to come, Kimani Carter will be heard in two brand new singles, “The Revenant II” and “BANG”, followed by the launch of his new album.

Kimani Carter is one of those few artists who always attempt to deepen and enrich their musical experience, not merely for themselves, but with their future audience in mind. The new album, “Dear God, Help… Sincerely, Kimani Carter” will thus be a treat to the fans of hip-hop and all things groovy and inspirational.

“Doing what you love and taking an iron approach is how everyone should look at life,” Kimani stated in an interview earlier this year. “Do what you love until you don’t want to anymore, and leap from one dream to the next.”

Kimani was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and has been seen on many inspirational channels. He has also been associated with influential artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac, Queen, Nirvana, Outkast and Daniel Day Lewis. In the past, he has opened for famous artists Eminem, Scarface, and Bizzy Bone, and has performed across the US. An avid traveler, he believes in drinking in every moment. Raised by a loving mother and father and being the youngest of five siblings, Kimani has imbibed every element of his environment to develop his musical and rapping skills.

“Time is precious,” Kimani states. “It’s the only commodity you can’t get back when you spend it. You can’t get more when you waste it.”

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