Two Car Insurance Sites Offer Valuable Advice in Getting Premium Discounts

Two car insurance websites, and have been launched, which provides visitors with valuable tips for visitors on the various ways they can get discounts on their premiums.

Car insurance is a great matter of concern when the car owners in USA are considered. Buying a car insurance in USA is complicated and only a perfect know-how can help the vehicle owners save hundreds of dollars. The customers can now take a sigh of relief by getting an ideal comparison of car insurances from the newly launched websites: and

The first site contains a wealth of information as well as a ‘Get A Quote’ button to find the best prices. This webpage begins with details on all the different kinds of insurance discounts available. This include multi-policy discounts, which motorists can get from taking different types of policy within the same company; safe tech discounts if cars get fitted with technology that makes cars safer to drive (i.e. airbags, ABS systems) and secure (i.e anti-theft devices); safe driver discounts; and, green driver discounts if motorists drive a hybrid car.

In addition, provides a list of the 6 cheapest car insurance companies, which include GEICO, the cheapest selling full coverage policies for $1297per year followed by State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, USAA, and Metromile. The webpage ends with valuable tips on getting the cheapest policy, which includes asking for discounts, shopping around for the best deal, getting out of a crime zone, and using life events such as marriage to get lower premiums.

The second site, busts the myth about the existence of no deposit and no down payment car insurance, highlighting the fact no company offers this as they would be taking the full financial risk of the policy.

Like the first site, the second moves on to provide useful tips on how motorists can get cheaper car insurance. These include: comparing a higher number of insurance companies, at least five as opposed to two or three to increase the chances of finding a better deal; paying 12-months upfront to get a discount; going on a safe driving course, which could lead to 5 to 10% discounts, and driving less to obtain low mileage discounts.

The second site ends by highlighting the disadvantage of low deposit car insurance, which, whilst cheaper in the first month, the cost of the premium is moved on to month 2, 3, and so on. The site also advises on not buying a policy because it’s cheap but to balance the need to find the best deal with making sure adequate coverage is obtained to prepare for every eventuality.

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