De Rigueur Designs launches the world’s first 3-D printed jewelry store with digital try on

De Rigueur Designs has announced the launch of ‘Bezel3D’, a futuristic jewelry store that will offer first of its kind 3D printed jewelry and allow the user to digitally try the same. The first of its kind augmented reality e-commerce platform is now providing a chance for the customers to pre order the unique 3 D printed jewelry at attractive prices through crowd funding platform The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $5000 and the backers have a chance to order different variants of the 3D printed ring by contributing in the campaign.

Bezel3D is a unique mobile and web based e-commerce marketplace that is here to offer a brand-new jewelry shopping experience to the users. The customer can simply download the Bezel app from iTunes or Google Play Store and set up an account. They can browse a wide range of jewelry and once they like a jewelry piece they can tap on a 3D try-on feature that’ll enable them to see how the ring looks on their finger. The app also allows the user to know their ring size using a ring they already own. Once the user happy with the look and fit, they can complete the purchase. Since all the orders are custom made after the order is placed, it eliminates the cost of finished goods inventory thus, reducing the final price of the product too.

Bezel 3D is the brainchild of sisters Casey and Nina Melvin, who aimed to provide truly unique, high quality and futuristic jewelry to the customers. Their younger sister, Danielle presented the idea of ring sizing algorithm that would help the customers in choosing the perfect ring size for them while shopping online. Casey graduated with a degree in American Politics and a certificate in Political Economy from Princeton University in 2010 while Janine graduated in 2012 from Brown University with a degree in Political Science.

“Unlike the jewelry designs of the past, 3D metal printing technology makes designs that would be impossible to reproduce using traditional jewelry-making methods. Our custom pieces are available in different durable and lasting metals, such as stainless steel with state-of-the-art PVD plating that never loses its color or shine”, says Casey Melvin in her statement to the media. She also mentioned that the company has applied for many patent-pending algorithms for their design, manufacturing and distribution strategy.

Bezel 3D is a remarkable combination of design and innovation that may as well revolutionize the way people shop for jewelry online. The goal of the company is to become an innovative e-commerce platform for the jewelry vendors where they can present their jewelry with built-in sizing and 3D try on features. The 3D printing process allows Bezel to develop brand new designs that are impossible to produce from traditional ring making process. Each item is made to order with unique serial number and user authored text while the rings are available in 12 gorgeous finishes including gold, silver, brass, and bronze among others. More information about the Benzel 3D ring can be found on

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