Hurricane Harvey Wrecks Texas: Reminder for Homeowners on How to Deal with Flood Damage

Hurricane Harvey keeps its destructive romp through Texas, bringing an unprecedented amount of flooding. Homeowners should remember how to behave in this drastic situation. Timely actions can help minimize the damage dealt by this natural disaster.

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast last Friday, August 25th and the flooding caused by it is some of the worst in history. Some places got over 20 inches of rain, which is a disaster by itself. According to storm experts, like Hal Needham from Marine Weather & Climate in Galveston, TX, the situation will get worse. However, homeowners struck by the disaster shouldn’t drop their hands in despair. Taking the right steps now can help save more of their property from the damage.

Hurricane Harvey: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Experts say that Hurricane Harvey, a disastrous storm in itself, was made worse by a combination of meteorological factors. The lack of wind allowed the hurricane’s progress into Texas, without a hope of diverging its destructive journey. The weather in the Gulf of Mexico, far too warm and calm, served as a booster for the already torrential rainfalls.

The result is that a hurricane has reached the proportions of a tropical storm. Thousands of people suffered and more are currently waiting for evacuation. So far the disaster took eight lives but it’s impossible to predict what the final death toll will be.

Meteorologists state that there will be no reduction in the storm’s intensity as it continues to wreak havoc across Texas.

Homeowner’s Reminder for How to Minimize Flood Damage

The estimates for the damage caused by the Hurricane Harvey floods haven’t been released yet. However, it’s expected the amount to reach several tens of billions.

The damage dealt by the flood is extensive and it’s natural for homeowners to think that there is nothing they can do. However, it’s imperative that one takes steps to reduce the damage. Even if one does not succeed in preventing mold completely, it’s possible to minimize its growth.

To do achieve this, take simple steps:

  • Remove as much flood water as possible using buckets and pumps.
  • Remove all wet carpeting from the house.
  • Remove any dry pieces of furniture and other items to prevent their contamination.
  • Cut away drywall that got wet.
  • Remove and throw away wet insulation.

It’s imperative to take these steps as soon as possible after the flood. Mold contamination usually starts within 48 hours.

Homeowners will benefit from using a specialized mold remediation and water damage restoration service, like The company has years of experience in performing these tasks quickly and efficiently. Or, one can employ this service after removing the most damaged and wet pieces. Professionals can use specialized equipment and tools to dry the house and deal with the emerging mold infestation.

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