The Emergence of Drone Use in the Medical Field

The Emergence of Drone Use for National Disasters

The use of drones in the medical field, especially for lightweight needs like bandages and diabetic supplies, enhance the speed of emergency medical care.

The use of drones in the health sector has been gaining popularity in recent times with technology companies collaborating with health care providers to ensure the effectiveness and smooth running of the idea. This could drastically help respond to national disasters like floods, earthquakes, and tidal waves.

The concept of using drones in the medical field used to be fiction until recently when the need to deliver medical supplies in emergencies led to the combination of two technologies – drones and telemedicine. The first of its kind drone prototypes to be used in the medical field were created in 2014 by Subbarao and a medical student named Guy Paul Cooper Jr.

The use of drones for carrying lightweight medical kits of up to 20 pounds is now popular with schools being at the forefront of financing the project. With several successful demonstrations and the increasing need to get medical supplies to persons in emergencies, the use of medical drones seems to be the new big deal in the healthcare sector.

The revolutionary idea has also shot into prominence as countries like Tanzania and other countries in need of medical supplies are partnering drone manufacturers to ensure that such supplies get to remote health facilities as quick as possible.

The use of drones in the medical field has also been successful overseas, with countries like Rwanda using unmanned aircraft for delivering medical supplies like units of red blood cells, units of plasma, and units of platelets. The idea of using unmanned aircraft for delivering medical supplies is also being considered by Uganda, as the country aims to start using drones to make up to 2,000 deliveries daily to over 1,000 health facilities in the first quarter of 2018.

While there are federal restrictions on the use of civilian drones, the Federal Aviation Administration has granted exemptions in the case of medical drones. However, there are still questions as regards the permissibility of the drones flying far beyond line-of-sight. There are also concerns about the airways not becoming dangerously congested. These are some of the concerns and questions raised as regards the use of drones for delivering medical supplies.

It is also worth noting that drones can only carry lightweight medical supplies like 3M N95 air masks, pharmaceuticals, and other such materials. Therefore medical supplies and equipment like wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen concentrator units, shower chairs, and Invacare hydraulic stand require more delicate delivery that drones cannot offer. This is where companies like ATC Medical are particularly needed, delivering discount medical supplies fast.

With the flooding in Texas and Louisiana recently it would have been nice if the National Guard could have deployed an army of drones to deliver necessary medical supplies quickly to areas in need.

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