Eyetemp fire prevention device launches crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Eyetemp is a newly launched innovative device that can help prevent fire related accidents. The device is now out on crowd funding platform Indiegogo.com to raise money for getting the product to manufacturing and distribution. The device is developed to address the fact that there are millions of fire accidents in the USA alone and thousands of people fall victim to it, every year. This device will help the user to monitor sudden temperature rises and send a notification to their smart phone so that they can take prompt action.

Eyetemp is an inexpensive Wi-Fi active device designed to monitor temperature and time on any item that can get hot in your home or business. Some examples are stoves, BBQs, hair irons, and candles.  Using the mobile application, the device sends notifications and reminders to the user if it’s left unattended or rises to a high temperature. The device is quite easy to use and it simply requires the user to attach it to the device they need to monitor without using any cables or plugs.

Once Eyetemp is attached to the item of the user’s choice, the user can receive alerts if that item is left on for too long. The user will also receive a reminder if they leave home while the stove or another item that may cause a fire hazard is left on. This device is an affordable option to prevent any possible fire accidents. It notifies the user if there is any sudden or drastic increase in temperature. Additionally, this app also allows the user to add up to three emergency contacts who can be notified one by one through a text notification if the main user is unresponsive to the alert.

Eyetemp also took a survey among people to identify the need for such a device and found that 95% of the people who participated in the survey said they would buy a device that can alert them if they left something on, via a smart phone. Eyetemp has launched this crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com that allows the supporters to pre order the product at an attractive price. The amount raised through Indiegogo will help the developers add more features to the product, optimizing it as well as minimizing manufacturing and packaging costs.

The creators of Eyetemp are finalizing all the engineering designs and working on enhancing the UI experience for the users through the user-friendly mobile app. More information about the device can be found on Eye-temp.com.

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