Amazing Powers of Home Thermal Imaging Inspection
Absolute Maintenance is the go-to team of people who experience water relevant issues in their homes. Be it by big popular celebrities or simple common citizens, we are the first company to come in mind when they are in need of water repairs. It doesn’t matter if they are located in far away lands and their homes are in Los Angeles, we got this people covered.
Just imagine this, you came came back home after a long time of accomplishing projects and other work related things, and you decided to take the shower.  However, after being all cleaned and refreshed, suddenly you find leaking water coming from your bathroom pipes. What a hassle! There comes us in the scene, it is our duty to keep you worry-free during times such as this.
Our immediate identification of what seems to be the problem with your water pipe lines, give us an edge ahead of our competitors. We commit to do this in no time using our infrared cameras, the FLR BCam, which is equipped with innovative technology that can trace where the leak is coming from. After doing this, we’d proceed to the Boroscope Testing, wherein a wall camera goes into the wall cavity, so that we could see where leaks are coming from.
Of course, our job doesn’t stop in finding out the problem. Instead, we also can give our clients tangible solutions to their problems, so that they are spared from the headaches that can be brought by such. Below is a sample of action plan we can take in order for us to solve a leaking bedroom bath water pipe.
We do this as based on the first few things we’ve discussed. Investigation is an integral part of the solving process, as this is where we can find out what seems to be our problem is.
For a leaking pipe on a bathroom in a 2nd floor bedroom, we can take down the canopy in the room below which was also a bathroom. We did the investigation and found it had been leaking and there was mold.  We did full mold remediation which means we had to set up containment in the area, negative air pressure, hepa filtration, remove the rest of the canopy and completely cleaned the entire area.
We ran a dehumidifier for three days.  After the dehumidifier was complete with its work we brought in a plumber.  The plumber, 3rd party contractor, repaired the bathtub overflow drain and found another couple issue which were also fixed.
Then the restoration team came in and completed the restoration.  We then installed drywall.  In this case, we put up green board and mold proof drywall.  Also we sealed and encapsulated everything underneath this tub area above, so it was mold proof, termite proof, and waterproof for the protection of the owners which is something we automatically do here at Absolute Maintenance Consulting. Our work is done meticulous and thorough.
Final restoration was completed with drywall, texture and paint.  Owner was very satisfied and happy with our work.  
Additionally while we were doing the job we found that there were some sealants missing between the enclosure and the top of the tub itself.  We brought in a caulking technician to complete caulking and sealants worm in the shower area.  The plumbing was repaired and updated, by a 3rd party company, the showers sealed and the overall problem was remediated and repaired to the owner’s satisfaction.
Water intrusions at home now shouldn’t give you a headache like it usually does. Because with Absolute Maintenance and Consulting, we promise to share with you our knowledge in dealing with issues like this. Our team of world-class companies can help you out. Fret not, we oversee the entire project and work closely with other 3rd party contractors to ensure the entire work is completed to the satisfaction of the owner.

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