“Damiva aligns greatly with our efforts to disrupt the women’s products industry, by breaking down barriers and creating innovative and natural products for women’s lifelong health.” – Kathy Ireland®

CHARLOTTE, NC – August 30, 2017 – Led by CEO Martin Sumichrast and supported by the kathyireland® Worldwide team, Level Brands, Inc., an innovative marketing and licensing company that provides bold, unconventional and socially responsible branding for leading businesses, announced today that Encore Endeavor One (EE1), their corporate brand management unit, and Ireland Men 1 (I’M1), their Millennial brand for men and the women who love them, will jointly provide strategic advisory servicesand manage all brand marketing for Damiva Inc., an innovator in all-natural health products for perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women. Concurrently, in an associated agreement, kathyireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) will steer strategic brand management for Damiva Inc.

From left to right: Gardiner Smith, Kathy Ireland®, (Gracie, in Kathy’s arms) and Chia Chia Sun

EE1 was co-founded by Kathy Ireland® and Nic Mendoza and led in marketing and creative by Stephen Roseberry, President and Chief Marketing Officer of kathyireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), together with kiWW®’s Global Creative Director, Jon Carrasco.  I’M1 was co-founded by Kathy Ireland® and Tommy Meharey – Marine, millennial father, global fashion model, concert producer, Vice President of kathyireland® Weddings & Resorts, as well as the youngest Board of Directors’ member of kathyireland® Worldwide.EE1 and I’M1 are also led in marketing and creative by Mr. Roseberry and Mr. Carrasco.  

This latest corporate announcement follows Level Brands’ recent news of its intention to launch an initial public offering using Regulation A of the Securities Act (which was amended by the JOBS Act and is now popularly known as “Regulation A+”). Level Brands will be the first company with a nationally recognized woman Chairman Emeritus to launch a Regulation AIPO with an intent to list on a national securities exchange. 

“Women’s health, for women of all ages and circumstances around the globe, is one of the issues our entire team at kiWW® is extremely passionate about. Too often women’s health issues take a back seat to men or are ignored entirely. Our Millennial Development Goals include a fierce and fearless commitment to change the landscape for women’s health,” says Kathy Ireland®, Chairman, CEO and Chief Designer of kiWW® and Level Brands’ Chairman Emeritus and Chief Brand Strategist. “Damiva aligns greatly with our efforts to disrupt the women’s products industry, by breaking down barriers and creating innovative and natural products for women’s lifelong health. Working in concert with Level Brands’ CEO,Martin Sumichrast, I am delighted to welcome Damiva, and its great leader, Chia Chia Sun, to the Level Brands’ and kiWW® family. Together, we can advance our mission of bringing forth innovative, beneficial products for women. Every evening, American families are accustomed to seeing advertising, which speaks of intimacy and men. Finally, we have the opportunity to help couples achieve equal levels of intimacy.”

“I am so thrilled to join forces with one of today’s top retail licensing business leaders, Kathy Ireland®, and the wonderful team at Level Brands,” says Ms. Sun. “Kathy, Martin, and their incredibly talented team can propel our business forward by expanding our sales, marketing, and educational efforts.  We look forward to breaking down barriers through this great strategic alliance.

“All of us at Level Brands and kiWW® are passionate about making a positive impact – a real difference through bold, unconventional and socially responsible branding. These are important tenets for us. Like our Beauty & Pin-Ups’ hair care and women’s brand that redefined beauty to be wholly inclusive,including people with developmental disabilities, we see a similar opportunity for social change with Damiva. This is an important and often hushed subject, branded ‘taboo,’ yet there is a tremendous need for information and options – especially all-natural ones like Damiva’s – that we believe women in their 30s and up deserve to know about. We look forward to bringing this important product information to the mainstream,” says Stephen Roseberry and Jon Carrasco, President and Chief Marketing Officer, and Global Creative Director, respectively, of kathyireland® Worldwide in a joint statement. 

Damiva is a product innovation company based in Toronto that sells its groundbreaking 100% natural feminine moisturizers, Mae and Cleo, in over 4,000 drugstores and health food stores across Canada and the U.S., including Cardinal Health and select CVS and Target pharmacies, with additional pharmacies and health food stores continually adding to Damiva’s retail distribution.  Damiva was founded by its CEO, Chia Chia Sun, whose mission is to develop all-natural women’s health products for the mainstream marketplace using direct messaging to overcome the often taboo subjects around women’s perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal health and vaginal dryness. Perimenopause is a transformative stage in a woman’s life that often starts in a woman’s 40s, but can start in her 30s or even earlier. All Damiva products are 100% natural, safe, chemical free, and hormone free. 

Martin Sumichrast, President and CEO of Level Brands, comments:“On a nearly daily basis, our team is sought out to review products to consider for inclusion in our I’M1, EE1, and Beauty & Pin-Ups’ portfolios. As we continue to expand the Level Brands’ portfolio of clients across all three business units, we are excited about the prospect of giving consumers great information, excellent products and, often, new hope for every aspect of their lives, especially their personal health, wellness and happiness. When Chia Chia Sun approached us, we knew that’s exactly what these all-natural products represent.”

Individuals interested in learning more about Level Brands’ Regulation A+ investment opportunity and registering an indication of interest are invited to visit:http://banq.co/listings/lb

For more information on this breakthrough product line for women’s health, please visit: http://damiva.com/

See product information at:http://damiva.com/mae-vaginal-moisturizer/ and http://damiva.com/cleo-feminine-moisturizer/

About Damiva Inc.:

Damiva Inc. (www.damiva.com) develops, manufactures and distributes innovative natural products for women, and sells coast-to-coast across North America. A pioneer in the women’s health space, Damiva was founded to create new products made for women by women that address important medical needs. 

About Level Brands, Inc.

Level Brands creates bold, unconventional and socially responsible branding for leading businesses, with a focus on corporate brand management and consumer products marketing art, beauty, fashion, health & wellness, travel and entertainment. Licensed brand marketing is at the core of the Level Brands’ businesses: Ireland Men One, or I’M1, for millennial men and the women who love them; Encore Endeavor One, or EE1, corporate brand management and producer of experiential entertainment events and products across multiple platforms; Beauty & Pin-Ups, Level Brands’ hair care and disruptive women’s products brand.

For more information, please visit: http://LevelBrands.com

About kathyireland® Worldwide (kiWW®)

kiWW® is listed as one of the most powerful brands in the world by License Global Magazine. According to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland® is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion. Kathy graces the cover of Forbes magazine twice (2012, 2016). kiWW® is responsible for billions of dollars in retail sales. kiWW® is the recipient of multiple awards including several Good Housekeeping Seals.

Kathy and kiWW® support many non-profits including: YWCA Greater Los Angeles for which she is an Ambassador, Dream Foundation, Providence Educational Foundation, 911 for Kids/AEF, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Kathy is named an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. 

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