New Book Look Up, When They Go Low We Go High, featuring Leading First Ladies and Pastors From across the USA

Innovators Publishing & Media is proud to announce the first books in their Faith category for a new series called, A Message in Bottle. The first faith books will be: LOOK UP – When They Go Low We Go High containing thirty stories and downloads of Wisdom from leading first ladies and a separate book for leading Pastors across the U.S.A.

Los Angeles, CA – Boutique Agency, Innovators Publishing & Media announces the first of many titles in their new empowerment book series, A Message in Bottle, creating one book and one message at a time. The first books to be published in the faith category will be dual volumes; one with leading first ladies and one with leading pastors titled, ‘LOOK UP – When They Go Low We Go High’.

Inspired by the powerful words of former First Lady, Michelle Obama, when she stood before the Democratic convention and underlined the importance of a life of faith and family values. “How we explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is: when they go low, we go high.”  The Look Up books are intended to offer advice dealing with scenarios people face in those moments when they must make a decision to stoop to someone’s level or be the bigger person, thus going low or going high.  Leading first ladies and pastors will share stories throughout the books to help change perspectives and inspire better decisions through this new timeless book series.

Dr. Fred L. Hodge Jr. and Linda G. Hodge, pastor and first lady of Living Praise Christian Church have been chosen to lead these books.

“There is no better way to begin such an important book series than by starting with Faith and providing advice on making better decisions.  Dr. Fred L. Hodge Jr. and Linda G Hodge, have been my pastors for many years and I look forward to their wisdom and leadership on this project.” says Lisa Williams, publisher at Innovators Publishing & Media.

“We are honored to lead such a historically inspired book series and impart our wisdom and experience from a call to action from our country’s former First Lady Michelle Obama.” said Pastor & First Lady Hodges.

The retail royalties for the Look Up books will be donated to a soon to be announced charity. 

The LOOK UP books promise to set a new standard for the next generation.

Innovators Publishing & Media is honored to have Pastor & First Lady Hodge leading the way as their premier contributors in the LOOK UP, Faith books.

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Living Praise Christian Church

Dr. Fred L. Hodge is the Founder of Living Praise Christian Church. With his wife, Linda Hodge, they have cultivated and developed a cutting-edge church with multiple locations. Their passion is to build individuals that have strong foundations for single or family lifestyles.


About A Message In A Bottle Book Series

A Message In A Bottle, creating one book and one message at a time, is a new book series aimed to deliver volumes of books featuring an array of professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs providing valuable information to a target audience.  Our collaborative and social responsibility focused book series, will provide a fresh and meaningful content and offer nuggets of wisdom from individuals with expertise who are willing to be fully transparent in discussing important and sometimes difficult to discuss topics. AMIAB books aim to enhance the lives of the contributors, the nonprofit attached to the book project and the audiences the books will serve.  The topics covered in the book series will help its readers move past hurdles and challenges to live their best life.  Our goal is for our books to arrive in a reader’s life like a bottle that has washed to shore, containing the very message someone needs at a given time.

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