Toshikatsu Group launches LGBT initiative to encourage financial handlings in the LGBT community

Toshikatsu Group has launched an initiative supporting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community on providing marketing resources for business development, wealth planning tools, and other specifically designed financial advisory services, keeping in mind all the LGBT prospects.

Most of the countries in the Asia have either no legal standing for the same sex couples or possess few civil union laws. This has posed a threat on the financial planning phenomenon for the LGBT community. They face problems regarding making a will, buying a property, transferring the assets, designating the beneficiaries and more. Financial advisers can equip them with the necessary guidance and advice to keep their financial health intact. 

Moreover, LGBT on your terms, a client educational resource is made available for the same sex couples to help them understand the major aspects that may likely affect their long-term plans and finances of their family. 

On the other hand, the financial advisors are provided with the details about Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisors (ADPASM) program. It is a professional designation which helps the financial advisors equip with all the necessary tools to meet the unique financial needs of the same sex couples who are under the federal or state law, unmarried. 

The reason behind the success of this initiative is the diverse council of the company supporting 19 members including the branch managers and financial advisers who actively meet and guides the management on basic diversity problems. 

This way they can live a luxurious life and can save a considerable amount of wealth ultimately. Wealth management is not just about making financial plans for future but it more about realizing the current priorities of the same sex couples and the firms comprehensive private wealth management service will offer the LGBT community investment management services, financial planning services that include portfolio management, global market coverage, getting access to private banking facilities and trading and execution.

About Toshikatsu Group

Toshikatsu Group is a financial advisory firm and a global leader in wealth management that provides the customers with a wide range of products and services. Whether it is a business, an institution or an individual, the company with a team of experienced financial advisors offers a huge list of services such a credit and lending, investment and brokerage advisory services, wealth and financial planning, cash management, trust and trust services. 

The firm holds a huge list of clientele from all around the globe that includes governments, corporations, individuals, and institutions.

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