The world’s smartest home security Wall Light to Launch on Kickstarter Soon

Unijem, a company steered by innovation  has set out to revolutionize and upgrade home security systems with their newly developed wall light security camera, which is an easy to manage and affordable security camera that will allow users to keep a watchful eye on their home from anywhere in  the world using their smart phone. To bring this unique system to buyers, Unijem have announced that they will launch a crowd funding campaign soon to cover the costs of tooling, manufacturing and various other expenses. The campaign is expected to hit Kickstarter in the middle to end of September.

Unijem’s  smart  Wall Light with a 180 degree viewing angle and 1080p HD camera has been designed to combine amazing functionality and convenience that uses modern technology to provide users the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that they can monitor their home security from anywhere. The Unijem smart Wall Light perfectly fits the definition of today’s smart technology.  

The company owner (Jay Carty) explained: “We have successfully crafted the ultimate wall light camera that we are confident will be the only wall light camera you will ever need. Designed to automatically capture any movement near your house, soon as the Unijem wall light notices movement it sends a push notification to the users phone, so they can then view, record or take photos of whatever is happening at the time which can be saved on the built in SD card or shared on line directly from their phone with the police etc., even at night with its built in infra-red vision.”

With the Unijem wall light users will be able to turn the light on and off, set schedule times for the light to come on and off and even change the colour of the light from 16 million colours. Users are also able to see, hear and speak to anyone that comes near their door from anywhere around the world through their phone.

Unijem is hoping to allot the funds raised from the crowd funding campaign to various aspects necessary for the completion of the product for customer use. A variety of different rewards and perks will be offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign through their monetary contributions.

The designing, engineering, the development of the prototype and its testing has all been completed. According to jay Carty, great emphasis has been put on developing a security system that will substitute ineffective alternatives.

Early Bird Discount: Unijem is offering a pre-launch discount to anyone who signs up on their website. They will be altered by email about the launch of the crowdfunding campaign and the discount details.

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About: Unijem designs and manufactures original innovative products. The Unijem smart wall light is the company’s first product out of many other ideas they have planned. They are based in Birmingham, England, and are passionate about creating unique products.

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