Shawn Valentino, Los Angeles author and media personality has released a hilarious satirical video of the dream match between Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. It has gained a huge online viewership eager to see the two combatants get knocked out by the self-styled international playboy who was the subject of a Vice Media documentary, The Showstopper: The Next Hugh Hefner.

The satirical spin on the dream match showcases Mayweather and McGregor knocked out in Las Vegas by Shawn Valentino and an entourage of beautiful bikini models. The Showstopper is currently the host of popular YouTube shows, The Red Carpet Movie Review and The Pro Wrestling Top 5. The media personality has been interviewed on numerous major talk shows including The Tyra Banks Show and the Dr. Phil Show. He also showcased his daredevil skills in Fear Factor.

Shawn Valentino is the author of The Showstopper Lifestyle, and he is a regular guest at Playboy Mansion. The self-help book, which encourages its readers to live their fantasy, can be accessed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The video went viral on Facebook with over a million views in the first day and is gaining popularity on YouTube as well. Valentino acknowledges the fact that both “Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are not just great fighters, but like pro wrestlers, they are also promoters of their brand.” This fact is drawn from the experience of Shawn Valentino, who spent years promoting his playboy lifestyle and who is also a columnist for the Pro Wrestling Torch. The emotional response to the video was unanticipated.  “I’ve had hundreds of fans both praising me and challenging me as after watching the clip.”

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