Ian Gibson, Game Designer And Hobbyist Announces Fundraiser Campaign For Gauntlets & Goblins Project

Ian Gibson announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter for Gauntlets & Goblins project.

Hobbyist Ian Gibson has announced that he is taking the Kickstarter route to fund his project Gauntlets & Goblins. It is a simple and engaging role-playing game that adults can play with kids. In fact, the game is designed for the whole family to play and enjoy together.

“The idea of a role-playing game came to me as a result of the desire of my nephew to play just the kind of games that elders in our family played,” says Ian Gibson. “I simply took the concepts of conventional RPGs and broke them down to simplify them further. Our Gauntlets & Goblins game has everything needed to provide a full-fledged experience in a form that even a six year old can easily understand.”

Gauntlets & Goblins makes use of cards and symbols to make the game very simple and manageable for young players. The dice mechanics for the game follow basic rules. Players simply have to roll a set amount and then count their successes. The element of spell casting in the game is easy to grasp with spells like fly, enlarge, or disguise. The combat part of the game is engaging and exciting, but not overly threatening. Players simply fall down if they run out of heart cards until it’s over.

According to Ian Gibson, the game will contain four character classes. They are the warrior, thief, mage, and cleric and they come with their own strengths and weaknesses. The equipment cards are of three quality levels called swords, spell books and holy symbols among others. The adventure experience of players is enhanced with the unique Magic Item cards. There are also Spell Cards in the game that can grant players magical powers for unlimited use.

Ian Gibson has also added several stages of rewards for players.

Digital P&P is a PDF delivered through drivethrurpg. This will include the rules along with all the card art. Players can print them out on card stock using any printer.

In physical reward, players will receive the rules along with professionally printed cards from drivethrucards. Shipping is free to all US residents. There will be a $15 cost on international shipping.

In the iconic class reward, the participants can work with the Gauntlets & Goblins team to create the look of the characters that will represent each of the classes in the game. Glittering Gold reward allows participants to create a magic item for inclusion in the game.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $5000 to fund the project and to absorb any overruns. There are attractive incentives being offered to contributors based on their level of participation in the project. The deadline for fund raising is 9 September, 2017.

About Gauntlets & Goblins:

Gauntlets & Goblins is a project designed and developed by hobbyist and amateur games designer, Ian Gibson. This is his first commercial project. It is a simple and engaging role playing game that adults can play with kids.

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