Social Entrepreneur And Inspirational Speaker Angelina Munaretto Announces Indiegogo Campaign For Project Love’s Inner Armor

Angelina Munaretto announces launch of Indiegogo campaign for project Love’s Inner Armor – Phase 1.

Social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Angelina Munaretto has announced launch of fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for her project Love’s Inner Armor – Phase 1. Love’s Inner Armor is a start-up social enterprise committed to giving 20 per cent of profit from sales to global causes and community organizations. Any support to their cause would mean support to a company that is striving to make a difference.

“The idea of Love’s Inner Armor came to us when we found out the kind of difference as little as $1,000 can make in poor and developing countries especially in communities,” says Angelina Munaretto about her dream project. “It became abundantly apparent that so much can be done with access to cash but that’s so hard to come by and besides there are so many rules and formalities that must be complied with and fulfilled. We are aiming to make it easy for people to make a difference in the lives of those who need money to survive.”

Love’s Inner Armor is registered as a Canadian Corporation. The inspiration for starting this kind of social enterprise came from many quarters. Angelina came across women in Indonesia and Timor-Leste who were making changes to the lives of people with their dedication, leadership, action and some money. These changes might not be huge but there was no denying the fact that they were making a real and visible difference to communities that needed help and support.

The idea of something like a modern day Athena came to Angelina in a flash and she developed and shaped it further. The concept of providing love and protection in the form of a T-shirt is brilliant and unique. The T-shirt will have a message on the IN-side, especially for the person someone intends to help. All the thoughts and messages can be projected to the world on T-shirts with brands and messages. It is a great way to say someone that they are remarkable and being loved.

Love’s Inner Armor Inc. is in the qualifying stages for a BCorp status. It is essentially a third-party qualification that takes into consideration aspects such as governance, employee relations, community involvement, environmental record and others that make businesses good corporate citizens. It is a global movement that’s growing rapidly. A large number of Canadian businesses are joining the 300+ US businesses like Patagonia who are also BCorp members.

The Indiegogo campaign is aimed at raising money to fund this extraordinary project. Angelina has a flexible goal of $5,000 and is hopeful of achieving it by the stated deadline. There are attractive incentives for contributors based on their level of participation in the project.

About Love’s Inner Armor:

Love’s Inner Armor is an initiative by social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Angelina Munaretto. The social enterprise aims to give back 20 per cent of profits back to globally vetted charities for women and children. The company offers love and protection in the form of a T-shirt which will have blank space for message for the person for whom the charity or donation is intended.

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