IMEI Checker Pro allows the user to check all information about their phone

IMEI Checker Pro is a newly launched mobile application on iTunes that allows the user to find out all the important information about their phone to make an informed choice. Using this app, the user can check all the information about a phone before making a purchase and choose better. The app provides the necessary information about the phone to the users which are otherwise not very convenient to find.

IMEI Checker pro can tell the user the locked or unlocked status of the phone, model number, IMEI number, serial number, warranty status, purchase date, who sold by, initial carrier, iCloud status if it is not reported stolen. This information can be highly useful in many situations for saving both time and money. For those who regularly buy phones can use this app to estimate the difference between success and failure of their phone reseller business. Knowing that a phone can be used on any carrier can be particularly important for the users. If the phone is locked to one carrier, then the chances of using or reselling that phone become limited as the same carrier needs to be used. This may not be very cost effective for the reseller who works with only the airtime plans with that specific carrier.

Using the app, the user can know if their phone is locked and get it unlocked from the retail outlet so that it can be used with any carrier, thus increasing the selling value of the phone. The app allows the user to check necessary information about all Apple-iPhones as well as Samsung, LG, HTC and Alcatel handsets. To use the app, the user can simply scan the IMEI number or enter the number using the keyboard for fast and accurate results. It is a fast and reliable way to check all the essential credentials of a phone.

The app can be downloaded for free at iTunes.

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