Smooth as Silk with ZINC Razor

Hong Kong – August 31st, 2017 – For men, shaving may be a challenge. Issues may involve the blade, the shape of the razor or even the style of the razor. The ZINC Razor has set out to revolutionize the task of shaving. Housed in Hong Kong the ZINC Razor team is made up of individuals from various international backgrounds all coming together for one great cause.

The ZINC Razor is made of zinc alloy and the design of the razor allows you to adjust the blade for a precise and stylish shave. It is easily adjustable with three blade lengths available in 0 mm, 1.1 mm and 2.4 mm. You are not required to touch any of the blades during the changing process. It is easy to clean as the blades are designed to repel dirt, oil and impurities that may lead to irritation. The ZINC Razor carries an air of exclusivity with its distinctive silver streamline and its ergonomics have been carefully considered to provide a precise grip as well as to increase performance during the shaving process.

The ZINC Razor can be yours as soon as January 2018 if you pledge your support at shavingtrimmingstyling/description. Support through the Kickstarter campaign gives you customized laser engraving on the razor body with up to 15 characters available and free shipping is available in the United States, Canada, European Union, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The ZINC shave kit comes with 1 razor, 5 special double-edged coating blades, 1 design stand, 1 leather case and one travel box. The style of the ZINC Razor doesn’t stop at its design but it also includes a stylish leather case to add some style to your toiletry kit.

Investing in a ZINC Razor allows you to shape your beard in style with quick adjustments at the touch of a fingertip. When changing the blade just place ZINC RAZOR upside down and make sure the button comes back to 0mm, then simply push the button, which pops the blade out. The 0 mm blade is used for shaving, the 1.1 mm for styling and 2.4 mm for trimming.

Use and support of the ZINC Razor will see you in favor of lessening pollution by reducing the amount of times a razor is disposed. With disposable and cartridge razors you dispose everyday but with the ZINC it last longer as well as produce less waste. The ZINC is even more affordable because the double-edged blades last longer so you’ll have no need to be constantly replacing your razor kit. 

Visit to pledge your support starting at $700 HK or $89 USD inclusive of a full kit. Also receive a full demonstration of how precise a ZINC Razor is.

Media Contact
Company Name: ZINC Razor
Contact Person: Ivy Wang
Phone: 886 932239256
Address:Room 510, Wisheng Building, 28 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan
Country: HongKong