Impacto™ gives travelers a Black Friday of savings when they opt into placing the new ad sleeve onto their luggage

Honolulu, HI – IMPACTO™ Inc. a Hawaiian Travel Company with a lots of Ohana, has introduced today a new Luggage spandex sleeve called the Patent Pending IMPACTO SleeveE™’ that acts as a Mobile Luggage Billboard and it fits over just about any size of luggage and gives each participating traveler the opportunity to have a Black Friday consisting of major discounts and free travel perks each time they travel. With Participating Partners that are placed on the Patent Pending IMPACTO SleeveE™ both advertising partners and travel participants win!

Travelers gain airline perks, airport perks and travel perks anywhere around the world at participating Partner locations and websites.  The New SleeveE™ gives your luggage a whole new look and protects your luggage as well.  The IMPACTO SleeveE’s™’ main intention is to act as a traveling luggage billboard everywhere it goes.  IMPACTO™ gives traveler an option to obtain two separate sleeveE’s; one for your carryon and one for your larger bag that goes to the airline cargo hold.

IMPACTO™ even pays your first round-trip set of Airline baggage fees! Each traveler opting into placing a SleeveE™ onto their luggage will be granted the perks from all participating airlines, airport parking companies, airport restaurants and retail shops, rental cars, hotels, bed and breakfasts, ATM’s, and other pertinent travel companies, offering Black Friday’s for participating travelers every day that they travel. 

IMPACTO’s partners give all participating travelers up to 75% off on all perks through vouchers and promotional codes, including a free cup of coffee from Starbucks, 50% off on hotels, free parking at airports, free alcohol beverages and sandwiches on participating partner airlines, major discounts on UBER rides and on Expedia.  Free sandwiches at participating Chick Fil A’s in most airports across the country and no ATM Fees while you travel through Allpoint.  The discounts and freebies just keep getting bigger with IMPACTO as the new Promotional Program marches on into the fall and holiday travel seasons!

“Participating advertisers don’t pay a dime in advertising fees; they just give back for their participation. We wanted to show the travel industry that each traveler can truly have a great experience, even though there are those companies trying their best not to do the same,” said Gary German, Founder of IMPACTO™.

“We discovered something extraordinary about Americans when they travel. They just want to have some fun again!   Not easy in today’s travel climate.  Most of the traveling public in the US are so stressed out when they travel; which makes them an unhappy bunch! IMPACTO™ will try their best to give these weary folks a way to put a smile on their faces each time they travel!  Who knows, we may be on the brink of changing the way we all travel!” added German.


IMPACTO™, Inc. is an international corporation that is currently operating in 15 countries worldwide.  IMPACTO™ is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. IMPACTO™ has over 10 digital footprints under its dynamic Travel Ecosystem that are positioned for global travelers. IMPACTO™ also manufactures the first 2-piece set of Smart Luggage! IMPACTO™ will soon release Airmon, its first Artificial Intelligent Voice Recognition travel product that will change the way we travel in the very near future.

You can reach Gary German, the Founder of IMPACTO, INC. directly at 407-496-1183-cellular or via email-gary.german@iimpacto.com

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