RenewGlow Joins Social Media Platform, Facebook, To Provide Educational Resources and Connect Customers

It comes as no surprise that many businesses and companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon. With little evidence to suggest that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon will be disappearing any time soon, these avenues are helping to create a sense of community and engagement among followers.

31 August, 2017 – With summer underway, people are actively looking for ways to maintain radiant, healthy looking skin and hair. Whether it’s minimizing the signs of aging, smoothing out their overall complexion, or increasing the volume of their lackluster locks, skincare and haircare is more important than ever. RenewGlow, a product created at the Skin Research Institute, is specially designed to encourage collagen production and boost Biotin levels, keeping skin and hair looking both luxurious and healthy. With potent ingredients such as Gotu Kola, a perennial native to the wetlands of Asian known for its restorative skincare properties as well as hair thickening and strengthening, RenewGlow helps users reclaim their youthful appearance. 

Rachel Moore, a customer service manager at the Skin Research Institute recently spoke about an exciting development for RenewGlow: “We (SRI) have always been committed to helping our customers to the best of our ability. Overall skincare is of the utmost importance to us. That being said, we wanted RenewGlow to be more than just a product; we wanted to help educate and create a community online.”
Recently, RenewGlow joined many other companies and businesses on Facebook. The goal has not been solely to market a product, but to educate people about the importance of proactive skincare and haircare, sun damage, and the benefits of nutritional choices, and to be able to answer questions efficiently. Followers are able to delve into immersive content — they can explore current articles regarding best skincare practices, try out DIY hair masks and face toners, read educational material on sun exposure and heat damage caused by daily blow drying and hair curling, and swap experiences with other members. 
“We’ve received great feedback regarding our Facebook page so far. Our users enjoy feeling like they’re apart of an online community and like that they are able to receive responses to questions quickly,” says Rachel. “While we stand behind the quality of RenewGlow, the health and happiness of our customers is our top priority.” 
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