Kelsey Armor Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Funding The Broken Series Project

Kelsey Armor starts fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for The Broken Series.

Wannabe author, Kelsey Armor has announced that her campaign on Kickstarter is on and running for her set of three books collectively called The Broken Series. Kelsey has a passion for writing and will be completing these books soon and released for the general public.

“I have planned three books in the Broken Series starting with the Broken Heart, Broken Soul and the last will be Broken Mind,” says Kelsey while providing details of her pet project. “The Kickstarter campaign has been initiated to raise funds for getting all the three books edited and published. The first book has been completed; the second is half way through and the third is in progress in the mind.”

Kelsey has a BA in History and two minors in Psychology and English. A native of Fredericton, Canada, she graduated from Saint Thomas University last year. Kelsey loves writing and started blogging just recently to express some of her theories and metaphors to the world. According to the writer, she has a good idea of where and how the books will end and how the storyline will be. However, when it comes to the finer details of the book, she tends to go with the flow.

The Broken Series will have three books.

Broken Heart is the first book in the series and is complete. The key main characters of this book as well as of the other two books in the series are Ruby, Kevin and Chris. Broken heart is a story about the character Ruby and her home life. The story traces her travails while she gets kidnapped for her family’s money.

The second book in the Broken Series is Broken Soul. According to Kelsey, the book is already half way through. Apart from Ruby, Kevin and Chris, this book also has a character by the name of Paul. The element of mystery in this book is a voice. In the second book, Ruby gets reunited with her father.

The Broken Mind brings up the final part of this three book series. The mysterious voice which joined the other characters in the second book, Broken Soul, becomes clearer in this final piece. The Broken Mind traces the challenges and the troubles that Ruby has been through a period of less than a year. The author captures the circumstances which drives her to mental instability during this period.

The project has been started by Kelsey a few years back. But she was unable to complete it because of school and jobs. She now has more time to devote to the project and hopes to focus completely on it. 

Kelsey Armor’s Indiegogo project has a target of CA $8,000 which will be utilized for publishing and promotion of the book. You can support the project online and received various rewards listed on the page.

About The Broken Series:

The Broken Series is a three-book project by writer and blogger, Kelsey Armor. The three books in the series are Broken Heart, Broken Soul and Broken Mind. Kelsey Armor has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for completing, editing, and publishing the book.

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