Robin Grey Philosophy Driven Fashion Project Fundraiser Campaign Goes Live On Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign goes live for Robin Grey Philosophy Driven Fashion project.

Robin Grey takes the Kickstarter route to fund their Philosophy Driven Project. Robin Grey is the in-house fashion brand of GreyC2, a path-breaking fashion enterprise that’s focused on promoting a philosophy driven lifestyle with elements like curiosity, balance and courage.

“Our vision is to create fashion that is creative, customizable and designed for a better world,” says the spokesperson for GreyC2.  “Our philosophically driven fashion includes ethically hand-made alpaca wool coats. We are focused on the goal to change the fashion supply chain and want to invest in South African local production.”

GreyC2 believes that fashion must not only be creative and customizable but also must be produced in sync with our ecosystem. The company’s Robin Grey line of fashion products are made of materials that make users feel the beauty of nature on their skin.

For GreyC2, fashion industry and business represents vivid looks and involves use of innovative working models. They believe in putting people before profit. The fashion industry is unique as it functions truly around humans. The industry is equally focused on makers and consumers. This was the vision that GreyC2 had when they took the first steps towards creating a design brand that’s centered purely on humans.

According to the company spokesperson, there are some unique coat attributes of the Robin Grey brand name that can make it a winner and game-changer in the fashion game. The key focus is on reducing fabric waste and promoting a completely different approach towards shopping. There will be absolutely no compromise on three specifications while creating made to order coats. These are perfect fit, unique design and impact driven.

At GreyC2, all Robin Grey coats are made to order and there are no stocks on hand at any time. The guarantee of perfect fit means that buyers can invest in a luxury coat that’s high on quality and provides the perfect fit to provide comfort and confidence. Buyers just have to follow the size chart and measuring instructions to find out their ideal size curve. A few personal adjustments will be made to achieve the perfect fit.

Robin Grey coats have colors that have been naturally blended to get the desired shades. Unique design of these coats comes from the hand drawn screen prints that create a sense of individuality. No two Robin Grey coats will ever be the same. The screen print has been developed in-house and showcases the makers representation of South African design.

Robin Grey business policy involves exploring the best social and environmental practices that are the key ingredients of a social business. They have developed a sense of metrics that provide buyers insights into the impact journey of the coats they order.

The crowdfunding goal they hope to meet from their Kickstarter campaign page is CHF 10,000. There are several exciting rewards on offer for campaign contributors.

About Robin Grey: Philosophy Driven Fashion

Robin Grey suits by GreyC2 are ethically hand-made alpaca wool coats designed with the aim of introducing an element of change to the existing fashion supply chain. The company wants to invest in South African local production. There are several changes that GreyC2 aims to introduce through their Robin Grey line of fashion wear. Key to the Robin Grey coats are three specifications: Perfect Fit, Unique Design and Impact Driven.

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