Author Rahimah Rahim Releases Books for Readers at All Ages

Stories fuse with educational learning, adventures, and relevant lessons

She has loved writing for as long as she can remember and this passion has enabled her to express her thoughts, feelings, and influence othersRahimah Rahimis the author of multiple books re-published and marketed by Toplink.

She shares the Trunk which is a Historical fiction set in dual time periods (2002) and (1841). Somewhere in Boston, Massachusetts, Two sisters of African American descent are playing in an attic of their almost 200 year old triple decker home when they come upon a mysterious trunk. It is a captivating story of two sisters who bond together and through their travels, discover the America of the 1800’s with all of its different types of people and their beliefs. Readers are enticed by the sisters discoveries and the adventures that change their viewpoints forever. 

Rahimah’s second colored, illustrated book beautifully explains the importance of knowing ones origin or heritage.  Mom Where Are We From? A genealogical guide for children is a fun, educational style that parents or teachers and children (learners) are encouraged to read together.

The books main character is a little girl named Jean, who is fascinated with the subject of family origins. She has many friends who know where their family originally came from, but she herself, being of African American heritage, doesnt know where her family originally came from. She and her mother begin their quest to find out which country their family originated from. Together and involving other relatives they begin their search. The book is a guide for others in finding their family origins.

Rahimah incorporates learning or moral in her books that interlace the learners ability to their environment, society and their family. Her stories are full of lessons that deserve to earn shelf space in the libraries or families collection of bedtime and educational books.

Rahimah Rahim

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About the Author

Rahimah Rahim is a Registered Nurse by profession. She is the mother of 5 children and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an amateur genealogist and has been working on her personal family trees since 2005.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York (USA) and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). She’s been writing since childhood and loves the fact that she now has an avenue for getting her writing published.

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