Community Health Center of Snohomish County Offers Family Medical Services in Snohomish County

Community Health Center of Snohomish County (CHC) is now offering family medical services for the residents in Snohomish County. This center provides family practice physicians, behavioral health, internal medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, and psychiatric services. All this high-quality primary care comes at an affordable cost for community members.

Community Health Center of Snohomish County Family Medical Care knows just how important it is for adults and growing kids to have access to medical care. Being healthy and living a life full of potential is something everyone should be entitled to. Physicians at the Community Health Center prevent, detect, and treat medical conditions. Their primary care physicians will be the first stop for any person seeking medical attention. These doctors can treat a plethora of medical conditions and will refer patients to more specialized care when necessary.

The internal medicine sector of the Community Health Center of Snohomish County Family Medical Services specializes in adult diseases. The internists who specialize in internal medicine will prevent, diagnose, and treat patient diseases. The pediatrics portion of the CHC is in charge of caring for newborns through young adults. Patients who suffer from chronic conditions will typically be referred to the nutrition sector of CHC, where they will receive specialized dietary and physical exercise instructions. 

CHC cares for the mind as well as the body with their behavioral health and psychiatric units. At the behavioral center patient emotions, biological clues, and behaviors are combined to identify and treat a wide scope of conditions. The main treatments patients will receive are medication, therapy, or a combination of both treatments. The psychiatric sector of CHC is geared towards treating both behavioral and mental health disorders. These physicians will use counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medications to perform treatment for their patients. 

CHC is a non-profit center that was founded back in 1983. With services for pharmacy, dental, and primary medical, CHC is continuing to work towards serving the health needs of the Snohomish County Community. Their mission is to provide the community with access to high-quality and affordable health care. The Center participates in many outreach programs within the Snohomish County community. Some of these include the Kids’ Clinic at Tomorrow’s Hope Day Care, Women & Children’s Shelter at Everett Gospel Mission, Project Homeless Connection, Newborn Access, and Russian Community Outreach.

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Company Name: Community Health Center of Snohomish County
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