Naimor Inc. Offers Laser Cutting Services in Seattle WA

Naimor Inc. is now offering laser cutting and other quality fabrication services in the Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas. Naimor Inc. specializes in crafting high-quality metal parts for their clients that match laid out specifications. Their use of state-of-the-art equipment allows for versatile metal fabrication of simple and complex jobs of small and large quantities. 

At Naimor Inc. Laser Cutting Services Seattle, customers can get top-quality short-run, prototypes, or long-run metal fabrication done. These come at competitive prices and an attention to detail that makes every part from Naimor Inc. high-quality. They work with their customers through a steady communication route that allows them to translate what their customers need into perfect metal replications. All orders are produced with scalable capacity in mind and product delivery is always available within the Seattle region. 

Due to their state-of-the-art and cost-effective manufacturing equipment, Naimor Inc. can provide just-in-time production for all of their customers. They provide laser cutting, router cutting, turret punching, welding, finishing, design, metal fabrication, assembly, hardware insertion, precision forming as well as deburr and graining. With the latest equipment and expertise, Naimor Inc. is typically the most economical manufacturing solution for Seattle business owners. 

Naimor, Inc. works on important projects of all different sizes and complexities. From ferry boats to small mechanical gears, Naimor Inc. Laser Cutting Services can cut and form metal precisely to your required specifications. The most popular materials used are aluminum and steel, however, this company can use any material that you need to be manufactured. With their laser cutting equipment, they can reduce the costs and turnaround time for even the most intricate parts as compared to other forms of metal fabrication. In addition, due to the use of the laser cutting process, only a small part of the product heats up, which means fewer chances of deformed materials and warping. 

Naimor Inc., also known as K&K Industries was started back in 2004. They’re currently the biggest router cutting, laser cutting, and metal forming shop in the Pacific Northwest. Their acquisition of Automated Metal Technologies has expanded their reach in the Seattle region. Both K&K Industries and Automated Metal Technologies are now referred to as the more convenient name of Naimor Inc. The company’s mission is to exceed their customer’s expectations every time and develop a long-term partnership. 

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