Clean Crawls Now Offers Insulation Installation and Removal in Portland OR

Portland, Or – Winter is fast approaching in the Portland, Oregon area. This means heavy rain and cold weather are on the way. Experts say while the weather is decent, is the time to start making preparations. In the area of preparation, one area that home owners frequently overlook is the attic.

Clean Crawls Insulation Installation and Removal is a company that specializes in helping Portland homeowners and businesses insulate their attic to keep the outside cold from reaching the building’s interior. This not only keeps warmth within the home but helps lower utility bills as well.

Offering attic insulation, attic cleaning and pest control services, Clean Crawls installs the following types of insulation. Blanket (batts and rolls), loose-fill and blown-in (cellulose, fiberglass or mineral wool), sprayed foam and foamed-in-place. These materials come in various weights and all are Energy Star approved.

Clean Crawls emphasizes that old homes need special attention when it comes to attics. In many cases, years go by without a thought regarding the attic, yet it is what keeps the outside cold from reaching the home’s interior. Over the years, attic insulation wears out and often pests start invading the area. This is when a replacement is required.

Clean Crawls is dedicated to saving home owners money. As a result, they install vapor barriers to protect against mold, mildew or excess moisture accumulating in the crawl space prior to installing insulation. They can also do duct and prescriptive air sealing, venting and install access doors.

Pests are something that can accumulate in an attic. Clean Crawls is also a full-service pest control company that can rid your attic of mice, bees, carpenter ants or other pests that love the feel of insulation. These pests can not only do damage but can be dangerous to the health as well.

Clean Crawls is well known in the Portland area for their integrity and expertise in all areas of attic insulation work. The company is prepared to come to your home, make an inspection, and tell you whether or not a replacement is required. They will then explain the types of materials what are available and prices.

Over the years, the materials used for insulation have changed. Clean Crawls offers insulation that is lightweight and Energy Star® approved. Energy Star is an agency that certifies materials used in home insulation. This symbol assures that the materials used have passed a rigid test for quality and flame resistance.

Engaging a good company to inspect your attic to determine if it needs new insulation is the first step in saving you money. Clean Crawls is such a company and can be reached by phone, online or by e-mail. 

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