‘The Battle between Halos and Horns’ is a book written by Craig L. Snyder. The author was able to blend fictional characters with spiritual laws that showcased the rich and creative side of the book.

The author vividly recalls his communication with God at odd hours of the day, which he painstakingly added to the contents of this book, just as he considers the instructions received as invaluable.

The year 2005 experienced the undertaking of a new task and project by the author, which later proofed vital for the deep insight included in this book. During this time, the author was able to relate credible advice to his daughter as she embarks on the path to adulthood, and he has made such vital and rare truth available in this book.

Much insight can be derived from the words of the author with respect to the time of fellowship he has attained with his Saviour, which spans more than 30 years. The book also enables its readers to understand that demons try to control the human race through the soul or flesh, using fear and other evil manipulations.

The author is also of the opinion, that learning should be fun, and so a good combination of irony and satire, without exempting the educative aspect of a point, would be an effective way of passing across information.

Such combination of education and satire, led to the formation of rules that are vital for life, which is included in this book, and they are humorously termed, with an example such as; “Dad 1:1”, and an example of the rule mentioned include; “A wised man makes learning joyful”, and many others which make up part of the rich contents of the book.

The book which has the first episode titled, ‘Breaking through the hallowed hedge’ is available on Amazon, and can be purchased via this link below:

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