Le-Vel Hurricane Harvey Initiative


HOUSTON, TX – 1 Sep, 2017 –

THRIVERS: As all of you are aware by now, Houston, Louisiana and surrounding areas have been hit with record breaking rainfall and horrific storm conditions, resulting in an unbelievable catastrophe. Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath have crippled cities, displacing and impacting millions of people and animals; the effects of Hurricane Harvey have been devastating. Turn on any news source right now and you can see first hand the dire reality in which people are living.

Since day 1, Le-Vel has been a company about purpose, hope and helping people live the life they deserve; we—as in all THRIVERS—have been a vehicle that has helped millions of people get to where they want to be in life. We are launching this initiative to continue that purpose and help the millions of individuals and animals in need, to ensure they get back their life, that they indeed deserve.

Le-Vel has partnered with AmeriCares.org, a Foundation recognized for effectively getting relief and critical care to people in need in crisis situations. Here is what AmeriCares has communicated to us about their efforts for supporting those impacted by Hurricane Harvey:

“We have been on the ground since Friday and have delivered many shipments of water, first aid supplies, vaccines, insulin and chronic medications to aid the tens of thousands in need. We are working directly with government bodies to fill medical and supply gaps, with our main focus on the health of those affected by this catastrophic event.”

THRIVERS, we are asking you to join us in our efforts to make a difference and respond to those in need.

From August 30 – September 6, 2017, we will be taking donations, which will be furnished to AmeriCares.org. For every donation received, Le-Vel will be donating triple the amount to Americares (you donate $10 and Le-Vel will add $20, for a total donation of $30 to AmeriCares).

To make your donation, please log in to your account, click place order, and look for the Harvey Donation SKU options of $10 and $100. You are able to donate any amount over $10 by using these SKUs. So, if you wanted to donate $20, you would select 2 items of the $10 donation SKU.

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