Enjoy Sports Medica’s fabulous Memory Foam Pillows with the best customer service packages ever

1 September, 2017 – One remarkable thing about top selling brands is the exceptional customer service packages that are offered, giving attention and reassurance to customers’ needs. This, coupled with high-quality products, is one of the pride of Sports Medica. They offer one of the best customer service packages.

Sports Medica’s Memory Foam Pillow is now available for free shipping with Amazon Prime, including both same-day and next-day delivery options. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a group of fulfillment solutions offered by Amazon to its sellers to empower them to trade faster and more easily across Europe and the United States of America.

Opting for FBA essentially means choosing to let Amazon store, pick, pack and deliver products to the customer. Fulfilling orders through Amazon’s FBA service also means that consumers can take advantage of Amazon’s unconditional return service, which compliments Sports Medica’s 2-year guarantee. Amazon puts its customers first; hence, customers will enjoy exceptional 24/7 customer service in the local language of the marketplace, with gift wrapping services at no extra cost.

Vendors on Amazon typically opt for FBA out of convenience. This is because FBA helps vendors to scale their business and sell in multiple countries whilst storing inventory in a centralized location. This can lead to huge savings for the vendor, which Sports Medica are proud to pass on to their customers.

About Sports Medica

Sports Medica was been created by athletes, doctors, and physiotherapists to provide the highest quality medical-grade products.  They believe in challenging the status quo. When it comes to personal health, quality should never be sacrificed over price. They, therefore, supply beautifully made products using the highest quality materials.

Their team of musculoskeletal experts and licensed medical doctors are always on hand to provide advice and approve their products. They are so sure everyone will love their products. All their items are protected by a 2-year guarantee.

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