Naomi Smith’s Story Proves God’s Mercy, Love and Forgiveness

She had a family secret that seemed to haunt all her life. It was a secret that she opted to resist until she found a miraculous way to let it out and set herself free from the dungeon of fear and guilt. As the daughter of a pedophile, she prayed for her father’s redemption which led to the poignant revelations on Naomi’s Story: God Gave Us Beauty from the Ashes, republished by Toplink Publishing and Marketing Firm.

Naomi Smith endeavors to bring hope and courage to anyone. She admits she was born into dysfunctional homes and her childhood experiences were not as colorful as others. When her father was imprisoned, Naomi felt relieved because he could no longer harm other children. But little did she know that his incarceration would play a significant role in his life-changing realization. Naomi shares, “While I was at the prison, I had a chance to talk alone with the prison doctor, and was encouraged by his comments as well.” The officer reveals, “Your dad’s story needs to be told. He is truly a changed man. Other people need to know that God can change anybody, even child molesters. There are many people inside these locked doors, and outside in the world, who have lost hope that God would do anything for them.” He has changed for the better. His repentance led to his salvation.

Her transition to positivity and grace came along after accepting that God is Big Enough.  She realized that each soul has the choice to rise and be reborn. Naomi’s story is rare yet so true that many people forget the importance of ones’ spiritual fortitude, humility, and second chances.

One Amazon reviewer gives it 5 stars saying, “A life changing read. Gave me an amazing picture of God’s mercy.”  Naomi’s Story: God Gave Us Beauty from the Ashes offers a compelling read that does not only touch the readers’ take on sins and repentance, it also propels  them to the reality that everyone has all the chances to rectify and restore their pathway to  eternal salvation.

Her inspirational autobiography brought triumph out of shame and gratitude despite the odds. She had book signings at Barnes and Noble and she had moved so many hearts. Naomi says, “God is big enough to heal anyone. He can turn messes into messages of hope.”

Naomi Smith

Naomi’s Story: God Gave Us Beauty from the Ashes

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About the Author

Born into a pedophile’s family, Naomi experienced first-hand the scars that such a home creates, scars that left her struggling with personal relationships. Yet, she also saw God working in the midst of the abuse and dysfunction to restore her family in miraculous ways. She learned that God is big enough to bring hope and healing to anyone who will let Him.  In time Naomi became the mother of seven precious children and now has many grandchildren.  When Naomi was forty-five she returned to college to prepare for ministry, and has worked in healing composites for many years now. She loves people, gardening, hiking and delights in seeing God at work everywhere. Her story will make you laugh and make you cry, but most of all it will reveal God to you in a brand new way. She will help you see that there is hope for anyone, no matter who they are and what they might have experienced!

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