Engineer Turned Expert Pianist Teacher – Jacques Hopkins – Speaks to All the Piano Beginners Out There

Baton Rouge – Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to revolutionize a school of thought and find a new approach to a long-established tradition. That certainly seems to be the case with Jacques Hopkins, the acclaimed engineer turned pianist teacher, whose unique approach is changing the tune of teaching beginner piano lessons to adults and youth alike.

For many adults, an appreciation of music and a recognition of the foundational role of the piano are realizations acquired through maturity. A true passion for music often translates to the desire to play and produce that same music. But many adultsdid not take piano lessons in their youth, whether due to a lack of access or the realization only later in life of their profound love for music.

Music lessons can be difficult to accommodate in adulthood. Most students take piano lessons at a young age, when their minds are supple and when they have the luxury of time. Older students don’t always have this luxury, as the time needed for piano lessons is necessarily allotted to jobs, family, and all the responsibilities of adulthood.

The ability to craft a new method of piano teaching that is responsive to the responsibilities of adulthood is what makes Jacques Hopkins’ unique approach so timely. A specialist in piano lessons for adult beginners, Hopkins appreciates that his clients have other demands in life, so he offers them a simple solution for learning piano — speedy courses. Acknowledging that adults don’t have the time, nor the desire, to go through multiple renditions of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” Hopkins encourages adults to select their own favorite songs to learn to play.

Known familiarly to his students as the “piano man,” Hopkins makes learning the piano more accessible to adults. Hecombines his background in engineering and knowledge of structure and sound mechanics, with his understanding of the workings of the human mind for an entirely new approach to teaching music. His concise and time-efficient guides, such as 6 Tricks for Beginners, not only teach techniques to play the piano but also demonstrateways of thinking that help adults to develop new strategies and approaches suitable to their own learning curves.

For the adults who always wanted to play piano but never learned how, Jacque Hopkins proves that it is never too late.

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