Strongman Corporation CEO Partners with Entrepreneurs at BIG AND STRONGTM On Bold New Apparel Venture

1 Sep, 2017 – Strongman Corporation CEO Dione Wessels had been in search of an apparel partner for years when she came across an entrepreneur with a bold new idea – to design and manufacture athletic apparel to the exclusively to the men’s XL market – what Big and Strong referred to as “bigger and stronger men”.  Recognizing a lack of quality apparel for this market from firsthand experience both as an athlete and as Strongman CEO, she immediately understood that this was a huge opportunity. 

After the initial discussions with Big and Strong leadership, Dione felt this brand would be the ideal apparel partner for her members.  The Founder and President at Big and Strong, Ben Diamond, had initially sought out a partnership with the Strongman Corporation because of what he said was their position as a leader of the sport, and the overlap between strongman athletes and the people that we wanted representing the brand.  He said, “Strength Athletes are the very embodiment of what it means to be Big and Strong™” .

Together, the two companies have partnered up to provide unique benefits to Strongman members and to the Strongman Corporation. The partnership entails exclusive member discounts, licensing and design rights, and a royalty program where a portion of apparel proceeds are reinvested back into the sport. 

We’ll see this new and exciting partnership on full display at this year’s Mr. Olympia, where the Strongman Corporation is hosting its annual America’s Strongest Man® and America’s Strongest Woman® Competitions.  Not only is the Strongman Corporation the number one strength sport, but it now has yet another leg up – a partnership with the only apparel designer and manufacturer that exclusively serves bigger and stronger athletes and fans.  High quality, maximum comfort, and a better fit are their guiding principles.

Check out some of the gear their designing for our athletes @ – and this is only the beginning.  Join us as we provide world class apparel to bigger and stronger athletes, fans, and enthusiasts alike.   

Media Contact
Company Name: BIG AND STRONG
Contact Person: Ben Diamond
Country: United States