Voyazer, The new Trip Planner App eliminates the need for travel agents

“The journey is the destination.”Dan Eldon

Have you ever struggled to create a personalized vacation, which suits your budget, matches your interest and is your own?

We travel, as it allows us to experience our beautiful world, other cultures, unknown places while giving us a sense of freedom and adventure.

Planning such a vacation, however, is easier said than done. You end-up browsing hundred of websites for destination, accommodation, transportation options and then to put them together into one unified plan. This process takes a haggled tourist, from 4 weeks to up to 5 months and 8500 web touch-points, as per Google Consumer Survey.

Some years back pre-built itineraries from packaged providers was the norm, but not anymore. There has been a significant shift towards Do-It-Yourselves vacations, with only 10% millennial’s using a travel agent for booking their trip in 2015. Moreover, 3 out of 4 millennial driven by Fear-Of-Missing-Out(FOMO), prefer “experiences”, over buying or owning material things, in turn fueling the tourism boom.

Voyazer, a recently launched personal travel assistant, available on Google Play and iTunes, takes away this pain and enables tourists to create complex multi-city vacations in a few clicks.  Each plan, created based on limited user inputs ,  consists of attractions, ticketing, flights, car and local events of interest planned down to the minute.  With a few clicks, you can further personalize your plan e.g. remove or add a city,  change stay duration, edit day-plans or switch to your preferred accommodation or flights

The app, launched on iTunes and Google Play has received great reviews by the users so far. “Loved the App, unique, this is what I was looking for since a long time, kudos to the team”, says user Manisha Arora on Google Play. 

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