A Free Guide on the Top 10 Most Expensive Mistakes Individuals Make When Filing Their Taxes

Indianapolis, IN – OnTarget CPA is offering a free guide to the public on the Top 10 most expensive mistakes individuals make when filing their taxes. OnTarget CPA is an accounting and consulting company that helps businesses and individuals with their accounting and taxation needs.

One of the company’s clients can’t help but rave about OnTarget’s accounting team for assisting them in finding the accounting software that suits their needs. Michael said, “Being a newbie, I do not have the expertise and knowledge on what accounting software to use. OnTarget helped me find the appropriate accounting software for my business. Not only that, but they have also guided my team on how to operate it and maximize its use. OnTarget, you’re the best!” This accounting firm also caters to individuals who need assistance in filing their tax forms. Diane, one of their clients, said that OnTarget CPA has helped her a lot. “The accountant who assisted me was very thorough. She explained everything to me since it was my first time to do such a stressful task. I will definitely seek their assistance again!”

OnTarget CPA understands the ordeal taxpayers have to face especially when they are clueless on what they need to do and where they should start. Based on the surge of clients approaching OnTarget CPA, the company decided to release a free guide on what the Top 10 most expensive mistakes individuals make when filing their taxes. Their main goal is to help the public correct their mistakes and see which areas they can improve. For clients who still have questions that they want to be answered, the company offers free consultation services with regard to filing their taxes.

Aside from assisting clients in filing their taxes, OnTarget CPA also offers bookkeeping services. They understand that business owners do not have the time and energy to maintain their company’s books. However, someone has to do it and this Indianapolis company can help. They have trained their staff to have a keen eye on their client’s financial statements and the overall health of the business as well. If they notice any discrepancy or unusual trends in the company’s books, they will immediately alert their clients so that it will not cause a major strain in the business.

OnTarget CPA is located at 141 E Washington St #110 in, Indianapolis, Indiana. OnTarget CPA can be reached by phone at (317) 286-6790, by email at info@ontargetcpa.com, or from their website, https://ontargetcpa.com. OnTarget CPA assures their clients that they will achieve financial success with proper consultation and planning.

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