Translation Services USA Opened a New Global Headquarters in New York City

Translation Services USA has opened a new global headquarter in World Trade Center New York city.

New York City, USA – September 1st, 2017 – A leading translation agency, Translation Services USA has opened a new global headquarters in the New York City. The offices are located at World Trade Center, the tallest office building in the United States.

Since its inception in 2002, the translation agency has been offering a number of services including language translation, document translation, certified official translation, website and software localization, interpreting services, transcription services, voice over among other services.

New York City is considered to be the official Global headquarter, the city houses several international organization headquarters including United Nations. Its status as the global headquarter means that all world languages are well represented. Although the firm draws its clientele from all over the world, the new global headquarters, according to Managing Director, will help in serving the customers looking for translation services in the global capital.

The translation agency uses the “Wal-Mart strategy,” a concept that focuses on building and maintaining strong relationships with its customers. With its team of what the Managing Director calls highly dedicated, trained and experienced, the team has managed over the years to build its platform to become one of the largest translation companies in the world.

The new global headquarters will house the team of in house linguists, translators, voice over artists, quality assurance managers, web programmers, project managers, administrative and support staff. The freelance staff will continue working in different locations in the world but coordination will mainly be done from one location, and that is the head office at the World Trade Center.

While welcoming the move, one of the translators says that the whole team is upbeat with the development, adding that they are now feeling motivated more than ever. The Managing Director added that the opening of the new office is an indication that the company has grown to be one of the important players in the translation industry, a position they will maintain through quality services and strong customer focus.

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