September 1st, 2017 PhotoEmoji is a company specialized in the production of high quality products and finishing. Their motivation lies in the fun that their products bring to the users. They are able to pass messages of love, affection, happiness through their products. PhotoEmoji is using this opportunity to announce the release of their newest product, PHOTOEMOJI.  Emojis have become an everyday part of the western culture, a part of text messaging and even picking their feature film. Some people today read emojis just as they read words, deciphering the faces to create a meaning out of messages.

If it is about something funny, pick the laughing Photo Emoji. If it has to with your partner, heart eyes emoji has it all the way. The emojis also help to remember school work, shopping list, or anything else important that must not be forgotten. Photo Emojis are made to make the home beautiful and fun to be in. Photo Emojis can also be used as gift items (because of their originality) to family, friends and colleagues at work.

The product is not readily available for sale. The company is looking for investors who can help raise the initial capital. The initial capital will cover the cost of production, as well as marketing and distribution of the initial run of emoji photo holders. They have also prepared an appreciation package for their investors, which include a minimum of $16 contribution, for which they will get to choose three (3) different Photo Emoji (50% off the retail price). There are other mouth watering rewards and packages with more units and discounts.

“Come and join us, order your collection. You will surely use them all! Your contributions are greatly appreciated.” – Ryan Rommel

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Company Name: PhotoEmoji
Contact Person: Ryan Rommel
Country: Brazil