Laila Marshall Takes To Kickstarter For Starting A Fundraiser Campaign For Traabo Project

Laila Marshall launches campaign on Kickstarter for project Traabo.

Laila Marshall, the LA-based entrepreneur has announced that her fund raising campaign for the Traabo project is now live on Kickstarter. Traabo is an online job platform for entrepreneurs and individuals looking for some extra income while doing what they love.

“I was keen to create an app that would create exciting job opportunities and connections within communities and among people,” says Laila Marshall about her Traabo project. “This app was created because it was becoming difficult to find a resource that could provide information about companies and services while trying to pay for the services through one convenient place. This app can do all that and more and spare people the usual inconveniences suffered while using such services.”

Traabo can be the best platform for connecting and paying for any service. Businesses or individual entrepreneurs can sign up their business/service on this platform along with the photos of their work and their availability details. They are allowed to set their preferred rates. Professionals such as bakers, chefs, housecleaners and others can offer their services and can connect with people looking for such services in the same place and strike business deals conveniently.

Traabo offers entrepreneurs a convenient way of finding customers for their business. They can post their jobs/services offered, set the rates and let people hire them. Traabo is an app that comes with a high degree of flexibility. Service providers can set the rates they want and find people ready to use their services at the set prices.

The app can be used by people to find work that they specialize in and also start their business at reasonable rates. The app can also be used by those who have specific skills and want to put those skills to use to earn a supplementary income for themselves and their families.

According to Laila Marshall, there is an element of risk involved in this project as it is a new idea and there will be some convincing needed before people accept the concept. Also, they will have to send people who are complete strangers to others homes for carrying out tasks and for providing services. This might prove to be a problem area.

Traabo has in place a stringent vetting process that includes background checks, in person orientation to verify identity and a strict training process. Those who do not follow the verification procedures are not allowed to register on the app.

The Kickstarter campaign launched by Laila Marshall to raise funds for meeting various capital costs associated with the project is hopeful of garnering the targeted amount of $75,000. The deadline for the funding is 16 September, 2017.

About Traabo:

Traabo is touted as the coolest new job app. It is the brainchild of entrepreneur Laila Marshall. It is an online job platform that can be used by entrepreneurs as well as by people who want to put their inherent skills to use to earn an extra income.

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