Indoor Rowing Equipment Manufacturer Biorower Seeks Funds For Mass Production Through Indiegogo Campaign

Biorower seeks funds on Indiegogo for their innovative indoor rowing equipment project.

Biorower, the innovative and unique indoor rowing equipment is ready for launch for which the manufacturers have launched a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo. Biorower is designed to deliver the most realistic indoor rowing experience. It can provide a healthy, full body workout and is recommended for rowers of all types including beginners and professionals.

“We are delighted to introduce to you the most realistic indoor rowing experience with our creatively engineered and designed Biorower,” says the spokesperson for the company. “It works as natural and as healthy as a real boat and is easy to learn as it offers the intuitive rowing movement. They are considered as the best and ranks high among the most natural rowing devices currently available on the market.”

Biorower has be designed and created by real rowers and is ideal for both beginners and professional rowers. It helps deliver a truly realistic and natural rowing experience but indoors. The best part is that it is as effective in developing a healthy body as the real boat. The design can provide an intuitive rowing movement and is easy for anyone to learn. Biorower gives a comprehensive body workout.

According to the spokesperson, there are two independently moving oar handles which can be rotated and adjusted length wise. There is an adjustable foot plate to adapt the Biorower to any body size. Those who have tried the Biorower agree that it gives an astonishingly realistic rowing feeling. It is the best and fastest way for rowers to push their performance up by several notches. The equipment can be a part of clubs, gyms, and home fitness centers.

Biorower can be adeptly handled even by those who are trying to row for the first time. They can raise their level of competitiveness and feel healthier that the exercises they do at the gym.

Rowing is a great way of keeping fit and healthy as it can improve strength and endurance levels. This type of workout can prevent burnout and also clears the mind. Real rowing is one of the most comprehensive workouts and ideal for overall health improvement – both physical and mental. By using Biorower, fitness enthusiasts as well as professional and amateur rowers can enjoy a whole range of health benefits.

Those who have tested Biorower claim that rowing appears to be more intuitive, logical to the body, and therefore easier to understand on this amazing equipment.  Conventional ergometers force rowers to pull linear. It is perceived by rowers as difficult and often left them with stiff muscles. Biorower also compares well with the boat. The Biorower also comes with an app that has force and angle sensors for measuring performance on every stroke. Data can be sent to Android powered device using Bluetooth. The app can also provide live data on performance and technique.

The Indiegogo campaign by Biorower has a flexible goal of $500,000. The deadline for the campaign is one month away.

About Biorower:

Biorower is exercising equipment designed to provide the most realistic indoor rowing experience. It can give a healthy, full body workout and is recommended for beginners and professionals too. The campaign on Indiegogo will help the company in raising funds to produce the equipment on a large scale. The plan is to manufacture at least 250 units at a competitive price.

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