Fundraising to support stop bullying Foundation

2 September, 2017 – Foremost advocate group for Cybercrimes Victims, CRYPTIC humbly seek assistance from the public to support her gofundme program which will help cyber crime and stalking victims recover from their current post-traumatic stress disorder.

The organization has been of immense assistance to victims of cyber stalking, child abuse and the likes in recent times. In a quest to continue with these giant strides, the group deems it fit to allow interested persons from the public to extend a hand of assistance towards the goal of the organization.

Cryptic became more famous as the software it created earned huge success, helping over 300 people. It got approved by the Tennessee law enforcement agency as its use was encouraged.

 At Cryptic every member is passionate about fighting any form of harassment (physical and cyber), the team comprises of good listeners who are technically knowledgeable on how to step into that situation.

The firm Cryptic is dedicated to seeing victims of cyber crimes and bullying experience freedom again. The Organization was founded by Kris Degioia, a prominent woman who has been tagged as a great influencer by different writers and bodies.

The gofundme program had to be launched as there is a great need to meet up the increased task of reaching stalking and harassment victims day by day.

“We are raising money for one of our “Stop Bullying” Sister foundations. Everyone knows we here at CRYPTIC work under a non-profit status, so we know how hard it can be to accomplish anything without funds behind it. No one can do it alone. We certainly can’t and our children need us! Every little bit helps, and I firmly believe that together we can make a difference! If you would like to become a sponsor or donor please click the picture below!” – Kris Degioia

The firm also invites the public to like its Facebook page which has a book now button, this button enables a personal chat with Kris Degioia.

The gofundme mission is centered on reaching as many Cybercrime and bullying victims as possible, no matter the distance. Going around reaching people in nooks and crannies requires funding.

Media Contact
Company Name: CRYPTIC
Contact Person: Joseph O. Akeju
State: Tennessee
Country: United States